Betwixt The Sheets: The History of Sex, Scandal & Society


Forbidden Books

Ep. 45

What makes a book bad? Does it have to be nonsensical? Heretical? Libellous? Sexy?

Well for 500 years, a panel from the Roman Catholic Church attempted to grapple with this distinction.

Today Betwixt the Sheets, we find out what this collection of people deemed unsafe for the eyes of their worshippers.

Kate is joined by Robin Vose, a professor of history at St Thomas University in Canada to find out what made the cut, and what didn't.

*WARNING there are naughty words in this episode*

Produced by Charlotte Long and Sophie Gee. Edited and mixed by Anisha Deva.

Betwixt the Sheets: The History of Sex, Scandal & Society. A podcast by History Hit.

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