Be the Change with Christine Dimmick


Saving Lives One Bar of Soap at a Time

Season 2, Ep. 10

In 2013, my next guest found herself in Mumbai in a $37 dollar hotel room with $10,000 in prize money she won 2 days earlier. 

Her goal? – to save lives with a bar of soap. That was 7 years ago and she hasn’t looked back since.

Erin Zaikis is the Founder of The Sundara Fund– a non-profit organization who has helped thousands of humans learn and receive the tools to have proper hygiene. Along with soap, she has employed women long considered unemployable – widows, single moms and those sexual abused or assaulted – giving them real jobs, with a livable wage. And did I mention she is just 30?

An undeniable change maker – Erin shares with us today how one person can indeed make a difference.

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