Be the Change with Christine Dimmick


How NYC Politicians Destroyed East River Park - The Greenwashing of NYC Part 3

Season 6, Ep. 47

This October 22nd will be 10 years since much of NYC was devastated by Hurricane Sandy. 

With millions of dollars in federal funding, it wasn’t until this past year that NYC started to take action on making downtown neighborhoods more resilient to ever increasing storms. The plans approved and forced on to residents by former Mayor De Blasio, with the support of our city council and current Mayor Adams- reads like a typical political playbook.  How can we make things worse and spend billions of dollars doing so.

Today I am joined by Allie Ryan and Tommy Loeb from East River Park Action.  Both Tommy and Allie have lived in the Lower Eastside for years, are lifelong activists with experience in NYC politics. They fought with the city for a true climate resilient plan in their neighborhood,  but unfortunately were unable to stop the city from cutting down 700 mature cherry trees, destroy the amphitheater and leave behind an asbestos problem that still is not remedied. They will give us an inside view on their remarkable battle against the greenwashing that took place in East River Park and how they will continue to fight for transparency. Want to get involved and #bethechange ? Visit

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