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An insightful show to inspire you to be more of you each day. Tune in and be inspired to reveal and express more of who you truly are, and start being good with being you in this present moment.
Latest Episode1/3/2020

On Transformation Through Connection with Sunny Ju

Ep. 120
This first episode of 2020 is divinely inspired. Join Sunny Ju and me as we discuss:Accepting the waves of emotionsStoring up angerHaving an anger practiceHolding emotions out of balance in the bodyMoving from being purely rationalSunny is a suicide survivor who suffered from depression and chronic pain for many years, and was disconnected from her body. Even though she was a high performer in International Management consultancy, she felt empty and hopeless inside.⁣Sunny hit a healing plateau with conventional medicine and searched for alternative healing. During her first de-armouring workshop, she finally experienced a breakthrough. A major release came in the form of an intense outburst of emotional and physical pain. A lifetime of suppressed fear, anger, and grief dissolved into spaciousness and inner peace.⁣Today Sunny feels alive, joyful and connected with her body. She is fully dedicated to working with people to find their greatest resources and experience more aliveness and connection with themselves, others and nature.⁣Driven by a longing and passion for healing, Sunny has been traveling the world for many years to study with spiritual teachers & masters from different lineages and schools including Bodywork, De-Armouring, Sacred Sexuality, Breath Work, Tantra, Yoga, Meditation, Sound healing and Coaching....Yet a session or retreat with Sunny is more than bodywork or breath work or coaching - it’s a dynamic and empowering journey where participants are touched on all layers to experience deep relaxation, expansion and integration.For more information follow us at:

On Liberation From Suffering with Ken Fried

Ep. 119
Welcome to another inspired conversation with Ken Fried. This one rocks! In this episode we cover:The effects and impacts of traumaSoul reintegrationLetting go of the suffering of the worldWhat suffering truly isHow to get back into the bodyLiberation from sufferingAnd so much more!Educated as a mechanical engineer, with work experience at NASA, Boeing, and Spirit AeroSystems, Ken’s expertise is problem solving. Having left his technical work in the corporate world to focus on his own personal and spiritual development, he now assists individuals from all walks of life to solve the ordinary to extraordinary problems causing strife, struggle, and suffering. With two near death experiences prior to the age of seven, a rigorous ten-year meditation practice, extensive fasting and cleansing experience, including the completion of a 108-day mono-fruit juice fast, substantial lineage repair and trauma work, and countless hours in ceremonial space, he is anchored by an unshakable commitment to personal metamorphosis. As a beacon for those on the path of personal liberation, Ken works with somatic coaching, family constellations, and earth based ceremony to assist men and women to navigate through the stormy seas of crisis, crossroads, and change to the shores of ease, peace, and joy.For more information follow us at: Ken at ken@kenfried.meAdditional Resources:Book: Waken the Tiger by Peter Levine

On All Things in the Name of Love with Erica Risberg

Ep. 117
Welcome to another inspired conversation with Erica Risberg.Today we cover:The illusion of separationChoosing to show up in loveHow to have and create peaceThe construct of original sinAnd so much more!!!Erica has, since childhood been a curious one. She connected deeply with animals and land at a young age. When she was 12, she received guidance that she would get a Ph.D., and then set on a quest to obtain it. She was always curious about what the ‘other’ was, and why there was a separation between men and women. She didn’t get it. She spent 14 years in college uncovering culture, what prompted revolutions, and the nuances of radio programming to try to understand humanity at a deeper level. She didn’t know this at the time, but this was her soul’s calling – to uncover what connects all of us and share what she’s learned to help others. When she turned 40, her father died from a staph infection incurred while dealing with pancreatitis. That sent her on a spiritual quest. She up-ended her job to start her passion of storytelling as a voiceover talent. Three and a half years ago, she had another awakening. Following a meditation that focused on healing the wounds from the Paris bombings in 2015, she took a vow of peace. She didn’t know what that meant, other than to eliminate violence from her life. For six months, she divested herself of movies, literature, and music that were her staples - all of which had elements of violence. As she tuned in more to her inner knowing, she’s found that she’s been drawn to more sustainable living. She’s also found her food choices have shifted dramatically, and she is currently almost all plant based. She developed the podcast “All Things in the Name of Love” as a way to share her journey and the spiritual journeys of others to help her listeners on their path of self discovery.For more information follow us at: Resources: Evolutionary Herbalism: Science, Spirituality, and Medicine from the Heart of Nature