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  • 8. Episode 8: General Manager, Andrew Brem, discusses ‘On Trip with Uber’

    Listen to the new episode of ‘Behind the Wheel’ where Driver Host, Tabraiz, is live at the Manchester ‘On Trip with Uber’ event, asking drivers what they thought of the events and whether they got their questions answered. Then, Tabraiz talks to General Manager, Andrew Brem, and Head of Driver Operations, Neil McGonigle, asking what they’ve heard from drivers so far at this years’ events across the country. 
  • 7. Episode 7: Why should I switch to an EV?

    Driver Host, Tabraiz, asks Brit,  Electrification Lead at Uber UK, and Imtiaz, EV driver with over 14,000 trips, on why he should switch from his hybrid vehicle to an electric vehicle driving with Uber. Find out about the cost savings of driving in an EV, as well as the ways Uber can support drivers in finding the perfect EV for them and making the switch.
  • 6. Episode 6: Understanding Account Holds & Deactivations

    You wanted more clarity on account holds and deactivations of Driver accounts. Listen to Bex, Head of Community Operations explain why a driver’s account may be put on hold or permanently deactivated, and what tools Uber uses to investigate safety complaints on the app.
  • 5. Episode 5: How to increase your earnings opportunities

    This episode, we’re taking on a topic we know is especially important to you; earnings. Listen to Driver Host, Tabraiz, and Head of Driver Operations, Neil McGonigle, discuss his tips on improving your earning opportunity, by thinking about where, when and what you drive. Plus, in ‘True or False’, Neil answers whether Uber uses fake surge and Tabraiz shares the story of a driver going above and beyond in Uber Kindness.
  • 4. Episode 4: Compliments & Uber Kindness

    Driver Host Tabraiz, discusses the relaunch of Compliments badges with Karolina from the Driver Engagement team. You’ll also learn more about the Uber Kindness programme and hear some of the best drivers’ stories we received.
  • 3. Episode 3: 'Breakdown of amount kept by Uber’

    Tabraiz is joined by Antoine and Jess to talk about the launch of the new page in drivers' Weekly Earnings Statement: ‘Breakdown of amount kept by Uber’.