Voice Marketing with Emily Binder


You Have No Excuse in 2021

The tools are available to you because you have the internet in 2021 - go forth! Do anything! Nowadays, you have no excuse not to be a successful investor in the long term. Book recommendation: The Behavioral Investor by Dr. Daniel Crosby - Amazon link here. Bonus content: Listen to my podcast interview with Daniel Crosby on Standard Deviations: "Emily Binder - The Future of Voice". Spotify link here.

Also, why a mini podcast or short form audio content is accessible faster than a book but you should read full books more often. Chew on one idea for a couple weeks. Follow WealthVoice on Twitter @wealthvoiceai and see our pinned tweet with the best investing books to read. See @emilybinder tweets for insights from SALT 2021 (the conference I was at last week). SALT New York 2021 conference insights summarized in this LinkedIn post's first comment (feat. Cathie Wood, Ray Dalio, and more).

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