Voice Marketing with Emily Binder


TikTok for Podcasts, Where Ya At?

The first minute of this episode explains the huge opportunity in podcast creation tools: making true ease of use to create great sounding content. This exists in video (see TikTok, Instagram Stories), but not really, not widely, in short form audio from a podcasting perspective. The second part illustrates exactly why we need shortform audio broadcasting from mobile or anywhere that sounds just as good as you Shure mic (watch my video review of my version of Joe Rogan's Shure SM7B setup here.) The question is: how do we add more content to this burgeoning platform? Internet history rhymes. Book a voice marketing consultation with Emily Binder: https://emilybinder.com/voice-marketing/call/. Subscribe free or leave a review.

Voice marketing encompasses recorded audio, sonic branding, and voice AI experiences like Alexa Skills or Google Actions.

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