Beer Bubbles

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  • 55. Visiting Television Brewing

    Hi everyone and welcome to Beer Bubbles Podcast!In this episode Rasmus went to Bromma all on his own to interview Fredrik Stattin at Television Brewing. Listen to the full story about what made this television producer want to make beer and much more.Don’t forget to check out our Patreon, web shop and social media. You can find everything at Here we go...Enjoy!
  • 54. Testing beers from Smedsbo Slott

    Hi everyone!Sorry for the delay but life sometimes interferes with what you do.In this episode CC, Rasmus and Akkurats Bar Manager, Anders Ström, tries beer beer from Pår Windal´s brewery Smedsbo Slott. Awesome stuff.  Enjoy!
  • 53. Meeting Alvinne

    Hi there all you fantastic listeners!This time we truly have a treat for you. Glenn Castelein from Alvinne visited together with his Swedish importer Joe Zampieri from Craft Craver.We even got to taste some of his fantastic beer!Thanks to our sponsors: Akkurat, Bishops Arms & Elit Hotels and join our Patreon at for the uncut version of the interview.Enjoy!
  • 52. Tasting Närkes Kulturbryggeri

    Finally a new podcast!CC & Rasmus try out beers from the legendary Brewery, Närkes Kulturbryggeri. Join us for a tasting and a talk.Enjoy!
  • 51. Stockholm Sausage Festival 2023

    Hi guys,This podcast is a bit of an odd one, but in our mind it made perfect sense. CC went to the Stockholm Sausage Festival and spoke to its General Erik Ellström. Because what works better with beer than sausages?This is what it was like.
  • 50. Beer Bubbles tries Lambic

    Hi everyone!I have to start out with apologising for the bad sound quality of this episode. It’s all on me, CC.I goofed. I forgot the recording equipment at home on the only day me and Rasmus had the chance to record a podcast together, so this episode is recorded on his phone. We’ve done what we could whit the sound but, it is what it is.Anyhow this episode is all about Lambic. Unblended, blended, with and without fruit.Hope you enjoy it!
  • 49. Visiting Maarten

    We're back and bubbly!This time we talk to Maarten Vanwildemeersch at Uppsala Brygghus about his favorite beers, how they make alcoholfree beer and much more.Enjoy!
  • 48. Olly at Stockholm Br. Co.

    Hi guys!Welcome back to the bubbliest podcast in the world…that’s Beer Bubbles just so you know.Two weeks ago me and Rasmus finally got to do a podcast together again, so we went to our friends at Stockholm Brewing Co. and spoke to Olly. Here is the result.Enjoy!
  • 47. Drunk Mess with 280 Bpm

    Beer Bubbles goes METAL!!!!In this (drunken) episode, Rasmus meets the guys behind the fantastic metal podcast "280 Bpm".Drinking beer, talking about beer, metal, life, beer and metal....and beer.Grab your favorite and crank up the dial to 11.Here we go!