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  • 73. Beer Bubbles meet Ten Hands Brewing

    Hi everyone!Last weekend Rasmus went home to Värmland. Of course he took the opportunity to meet up with Johan Eklund from Ten Hands Brewing. This is their talk. Enjoy!

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  • 72. Brouwerij De Brabandere

    Hi beer lovers!On the 7th of Januari, CC got the chance to meet the Export Manager from one of the most prize winning breweries in Belgium. We are proud to give you this interview with Emmanuel Ghesquière from De Brabandere Brouwerij.Enjoy!
  • 71. CC & Smulpaj Bullshit about 2023

    Hi yall! On the 11th of Januari, CC & Rasmus finally had a chance to sit down together. They summarized 2023 and speculated on 2024.Be the fly on the wall for a little bit.By the way, big thanks to Sebastian at Spivi Sweden for providing the beers. Enjoy!
  • 70. What the hell is a Goudse Kuit?

    Hi Guys!Andrew Colley at Nynäshamns Ångbryggeri re-created a 15th-century, dutch, beer style. We tried it and much more from one of Swedens absolutely best brewerys while talking about Cask Ales, Barley Wines and much more.Enjoy!
  • 69. What the Hell is Hantverksbira

    The newest and shiniest star in the Beer Podcast sky visited us.Listen to Viktor from Hantverksbira!
  • 68. Brexit never happened

    Hi everyone,On the 16 of November, Boz from Premium Beers, here in Sweden, brought over five different breweries from the UK for a tap takeover in Stockholm.BEAK, Cloudwater, TRACK, Overtone and Deya.We met with representatives from all these breweries and had some quick interwievs. This is the result.
  • 67. Jonas H Andersson from

    Hi beer lovers!This time we spoke to Jonas H Andersson, the founder of Swedens largest beer blog,'s thier 15th anniversary this year and two weeks ago they had a week long celebration where one event was a crazy tasting at Akkurat Bar & Restaurang.Check it out!