Beauty Aside


3 Tried and True Beauty Solutions for Tired Aging Skin

Season 3, Ep. 11

Are you tired of looking tired?

Have you tried all the natural skincare stuff and want more options?

In this special Skin Talks Series, I sit down with one of my BFF's to discuss ALL THINGS BEAUTY!

Me and my esti sidekick, Seslie, usually talk about ways to holistically heal your skin.

But what do you do when an eye cream just isn't enough?

What if you have a special event coming up and just want a one-time extra lift?

My next guest, Clare Henderson, has experience with a variety of beauty treatments, including non-surgical facial treatments, botox, juvaderm fillers, and body contouring!

In this episode, Clare breaks down the most popular, tried and true alternatives to holistic beauty that really work!

Clare is currently the territory manager for Invisalign in the London area.

Stay to stay connected with Clare on IG.

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