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  • "AI saves me a day a week"

    AI makes you more efficient. Helps you work faster. But does that come with a hidden cost?People are saying that using "AI" saves them time. Anything from a few minutes to hours, but even as much as a typical working day. It helps them work faster.

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  • Final call

    The experience of a delayed flight highlights the wider impact of poor service design. With an air of authority and accuracy, the departure board said that the gate to for my flight would be shown at 19:27. Not 19:15, not soon, but nineteen twenty seven. "Relax" it said on the screen. "We've got this covered" the screen reassuringly implied.
  • The journey to a new website

    My summer project during the summer of 2023 was to revamp my website.Well, that's not strictly true. The project of creating this new website started a few years ago. Actually, not even that is strictly true. The work on this particular plan started this year. Work on a website never ends.