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Ask Marc - Support for Male Survivors of Abuse and Violence in the Black Country

Ep. 175

Are you or someone you know a male survivor of abuse or violence? You don't have to deal with it alone. Ask Marc is here to listen and provide specialized support for men living in the Black Country area of the UK. Developed by Black Country Women's Aid in consultation with male survivors, Ask Marc offers support around a range of issues, including rape and sexual violence, childhood sexual abuse, grooming and exploitation, domestic abuse, stalking, forced marriage, and honour-based violence. With funding from the Office of the West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner, Ask Marc works alongside police, community organizations, and local authorities to ensure survivors get the help they need. Don't suffer in silence - visit to learn more about the services available and to get in touch with a trained specialist.

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    Join Lee and Kev on this episode of The Black Country Blokes podcast as they sit down with special guest Scott Haywood, a venture capitalist with an incredible story of resilience and determination. Scott opens up about his humble beginnings, growing up in the Black Country, and how he overcame mental health challenges while building a thriving business empire. Discover how he went from an elevator engineer to acquiring a small elevator company, and his ambitious plans for PACE, a venture focused on rescuing struggling businesses. Scott shares his passion for giving back to the community and the person who helped change his life, providing invaluable insights and inspiration for anyone facing similar battles. Don't miss this powerful conversation about mental health, entrepreneurship, and the power of support. #MentalHealth #Entrepreneurship #BlackCountryBlokes #VentureCapital #ScottHaywood #CommunitySupport
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