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  • 206. From Rockstars to Real Talk: Giant and the Georges on Mental Health with The Black Country Blokes

    Prepare for a powerful conversation when The Black Country Blokes welcome Giant and the Georges! Ben, Sam George, Luke Best, and Kristian Hohn, the critically acclaimed indie-rock band from the Black Country, join Lee and Kev for a candid discussion about mental health.Beyond their chart-topping success and catchy tunes, these musicians delve into their personal journeys, sharing openly about Ben's battle with bipolar disorder and how music became his lifeline. This episode is packed with raw honesty, inspiring insights, and practical tips for managing mental health challenges. Get ready to laugh, learn, and be moved by these talented rockers' genuine stories.Don't miss:Ben's powerful quote about his mental health journey.How Giant and the Georges use music as therapy.Practical tips for navigating mental health challenges.Inspiring stories of resilience and hope.Hashtags: #mentalhealth #blackcountryblokes #giantandthegeorges #bipolar #musictherapy #recovery #indiemusic #blackcountry #bbcintroducing #phoenixrise #dontremindme #mentalhealthawareness #rawandreal #podcastBonus:Include a link to Giant and the Georges' music here: a link to The Black Country Blokes' website here:
  • 205. Transforming Adversity into Triumph: The Inspiring Journey of David Jones

    Join Lee and Kev, the hosts of The Black Country Blokes, in another powerful episode as they sit down with David Jones to share his incredible life story. At 38, David has faced and conquered numerous challenges, from debt and homelessness to battling addictive behaviors rooted in poor mental health and unresolved childhood trauma. Tune in as David takes us on a journey of self-discovery and redemption, revealing how he transformed his life.🌟 Learn how David overcame adversity and turned his life aroundπŸ“˜ Discover his inspiring story of resilience and triumphπŸŽ™οΈ Gain insights into the impact of mental health on addictive behaviors🌈 Explore David's role as a Life Skills Tutor, Author, Public Speaker, and Soul DoulaπŸ”— Connect with us and share your thoughts using #BlackCountryBlokes #InspirationJourney #MentalHealthAwarenessDon't miss this enlightening conversation that transcends hardship and celebrates the human spirit. Subscribe now for more empowering stories and engaging discussions on The Black Country Blokes Podcast! #Podcast #LifeTransformation #Empowerment #DavidJonesStory #OvercomingAdversity
  • 204. Unwind and Thrive: The Black Country Blokes Discuss Mental Health Strategies in Downtime

    In this episode, Lee and Kev, the charismatic hosts of The Black Country Blokes, delve into the importance of downtime for mental health. Discover the strategies they employ to unwind, recharge, and foster well-being in their day-to-day lives. From hobbies and relaxation techniques to meaningful self-care rituals, the hosts share their experiences and insights, offering practical tips for listeners to incorporate into their own routines. Tune in for an authentic conversation about navigating life's challenges and prioritizing mental health. #MentalHealth #SelfCare #Podcast #Wellbeing #BlackCountryBlokes #Downtime
  • 203. New Beginnings: Tackling Mental Health & Exciting Plans for 2024!

    πŸŽ™οΈ Welcome back to The Black Country Blokes Podcast! In this heartfelt episode, hosts Lee and Kev share their experiences during the Christmas and New Year break, delving into the importance of mental health and self-care. Get ready for an honest and raw conversation as they discuss the challenges they faced and the strategies they used to navigate through the holiday season.πŸ€” Curious about what's coming up in 2024? Tune in to discover the exciting plans, special guests, and engaging topics lined up for this year! Whether you're a long-time listener or a newcomer, this episode sets the tone for a year filled with meaningful discussions and laughter.πŸš€ Don't miss out on the insight, camaraderie, and genuine conversations that make The Black Country Blokes Podcast a must-listen. Hit play now and join the journey!#BlackCountryBlokes #Podcast #MentalHealth #NewYearNewBeginnings #HonestConversations #PodcastLife #2024Plans #SelfCare #AuthenticTalks #JoinTheConversation
  • 202. Unleashing the Fighter Within: A Survivor's Journey with Peter Upton | The Black Country Blokes Podcast

    πŸ₯Š In this powerful episode of The Black Country Blokes Podcast, we sit down with the incredible Peter Upton, a man who not only conquered cancer but emerged with a renewed zest for life. Join us as he shares his inspiring journey and how he's paying it forward as a dedicated coach at Priory Park Boxing Club.πŸ‘Š Peter takes us behind the scenes of his role in shaping the future of amateur boxers, guiding them through challenges and victories. Discover the resilience, discipline, and passion that drives him to travel the country, molding the next generation of boxing stars.🌟 Don't miss out on the uplifting conversation that explores life's highs and lows, the power of community, and the unwavering spirit that fuels success. Tune in for a dose of motivation and a celebration of life's second chances!#TheBlackCountryBlokes #Podcast #Inspiration #SurvivorStories #BoxingCoach #TriumphOverCancer #Resilience #LifeAfterCancer #AmateurBoxing #PrioryParkBoxingClub #Motivation #TransformationStories
  • 201. Breaking the Silence: Prostate Cancer Awareness with Dr. Lloyd Baron | The Black Country Blokes Podcast

    πŸŽ™οΈ Join us for another insightful episode of The Black Country Blokes podcast as we sit down with Dr. Lloyd Baron, a specialty doctor at Atlantic House Recovery Centre in Lye, Dudley, and a GP partner at Kingswinford Medical Practice. This Movember, we tackle the crucial topic of prostate cancer, the most commonly diagnosed cancer in men in the UK, with over 1.4 million global diagnoses each year.πŸ” Did you know that 1 in 8 men in the UK will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetime? In this episode, we delve into the realities faced by the 395,000 men currently living with and beyond the disease, navigating through the serious side effects of treatment. Dr. Lloyd Baron guides us through the importance of early diagnosis and breaks down the stigma surrounding men's health check-ups.πŸ—£οΈ Let's open up the conversation, raise awareness, and empower men to prioritize their health. Don't miss this eye-opening episode! #ProstateCancer #Movember #MensHealth #EarlyDiagnosis #BreakTheStigma #BlackCountryBlokes #HealthTalks #PodcastEpisode
  • 200. Rebuilding Lives: A Conversation with Lydia George from Sifa Fireside | The Black Country Blokes Podcast

    In this powerful episode of The Black Country Blokes podcast, we sit down with Lydia George from the impactful charity Sifa Fireside. Join us as we delve into the critical work they do to support homeless and vulnerable individuals aged 25 and above in Birmingham. Sifa Fireside believes that each of us could face challenges like poverty, depression, or addiction, leading us to vulnerability and homelessness.🏠 Together, We Rebuild Lives:Discover the inspiring mission of Sifa Fireside as we discuss the hidden homelessness issues in Birmingham, from sofa surfing to modern slavery. Learn how Sifa Fireside goes beyond merely addressing immediate needs, providing essential services like the Adult Support Hub and Tenancy Support Services. Their goal is not just to "throw money at the issues" but to stand by individuals, offering safety and dignity as they rebuild their lives.Join us for this enlightening conversation and gain insights into the compassionate and impactful work being done to make a lasting difference. Subscribe now to The Black Country Blokes and be a part of the conversation that matters.#TheBlackCountryBlokes #SifaFireside #HomelessnessSupport #RebuildingLives #CharitySpotlight #BirminghamCommunity #PodcastInterview #Inspiration #DignityInRecovery
  • 199. πŸŽ™οΈ The Black Country Blokes Podcast: Unmasking Strength with Warren Davies

    In this riveting episode of The Black Country Blokes, join us as we sit down with the incredible Warren Davies, a retired firefighter with a remarkable story to share. We'll delve deep into his journey, discussing topics like PTSD, autism, and his role as an amateur boxing coach at Priory Park Boxing Club. Discover the unyielding strength that lies within this inspiring individual and gain valuable insights into the challenges he's overcome. Don't miss this powerful conversation that'll leave you motivated and enlightened.#Podcast #BlackCountryBlokes #WarrenDavies #PTSD #Autism #AmateurBoxing #Strength #Inspiration
  • 198. Unlocking Men's Mental Fitness with Dr. Emily Barney from Spartannn Brain Gym

    In this week's episode of The Black Country Blokes Podcast, we have the pleasure of sitting down with Dr. Emily Barney, the brilliant mind behind Spartannn Brain Gym. As a clinical psychologist, registered psychotherapist, and hypnotherapist, Dr. Barney has harnessed her extensive expertise to create a groundbreaking approach to men's mental health.Spartannn Brain Gym offers a refreshing alternative for men who are seeking ways to improve their mental fitness without traditional therapy. Emily has crafted a unique mental PT (Personal Training) session specifically tailored to address the concerns and needs of men. No need to delve into lengthy therapy sessions or discuss your problems at length; this is all about practical tools and strategies to help you become the best version of yourself.Join us for an insightful conversation as we explore this innovative solution for men's mental well-being. Discover how Dr. Emily Barney and Spartannn Brain Gym are changing the game when it comes to mental health support for men. Don't miss this episode; it's packed with valuable insights and practical advice.#MentalHealth #MentalFitness #SpartannnBrainGym #Podcast #Men'sHealth #BlackCountryBlokes #DrEmilyBarney #TherapyAlternatives #SelfImprovement #Mindset #Wellbeing #Psychology