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  • Convo 91: The Nuances of Productivity

    Join Pat and Joe as they delve deeper into the nuances of productivity. They examine its cause and effect in an era where the share of the spoils going to labor is at a historic low. Together, they assess the current state of affairs and contemplate what is at stake as we navigate through a transformative period. They explore how we are striving to define a "new normal" in the aftermath of changed dynamics in workplaces and family life how and policymakers are grappling with a shifting paradigm where most nuclear families to operate with two full-time wage earners. Joe and Pat set the stage for a future discussion on the essential support required to adapt to this emerging reality starting next week through the lens of family support.

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  • Convo 90: Productivity

    Join Joe and Pat as they look to unpack the productivity problem that has been splashed across many of the worlds economies and arguably non more so than Australia's. The two step outside their fields of expertise and begin to play out possible future scenarios that may be utilised to fix re-design economic models that would free up equity and increase productivity. Join the two next week as they continue the convo.
  • Convo 89: Stay small or get sold.

    Join Joe and Pat as they wrap up their thoughts on the next 'Communicorn' and whether this mythical beast is even possible in an age of continued innovation. The overarching consensus is that a 'Communicorn' can exist in a niche, however, at scale, the Communicorn vanishes, giving way to a true commerce beast where community becomes the product.
  • Convo 88: The Communicorn

    Join Pat and Joe as they return to regular scheduled programming and their quest to determine whether a new communicorn is on the horizon. They delve deep into the concept, questioning whether it is a new platform or a aggregator of content such as Apple that will win the game of thrones. While content remains king and businesses strive to grow and differentiate in the digital realm, it's clear that storytelling and the ability to captivate and maintain attention are paramount. However, the role of community, the queen, is yet to be fully harnessed. They discuss how no one has successfully captured the fractional economy and distributed value fairly to those arguably creating the majority of it. Tune in next week as Joe and Pat continue the conversation.
  • Convo 87: Checking in

    Joe and Pat take a moment to pause and reflect on their personal lives in the latest episode of "Business as Unusual." Recognising the challenges of staying connected in our fast-paced world, they use this episode as an opportunity to check in as friends, discussing their current states from a personal rather than professional perspective. It's a valuable moment of reflection and connection, and a reminder of the importance of taking stock of our well-being amidst the hustle and bustle of life. Be sure to join Joe and Pat next week as they resume their conversation and explore the potential birthplace of the next communicorn.
  • Convo 86: Is there room for a communicorn?

    Join Joe and Pat on as they delve into the diminishing role of intermediaries and explore the potential for a new player to revolutionize the way we collaborate and form groups. Can Apple Inc. dominate this evolving space? While they might have the appetite to capitalize on the shifting dynamics, can they continue to innovate amidst the changing landscape of social platforms that increasingly resemble traditional cable models? The changing digital realm promises opportunities for innovation. The pivotal question is: how will this landscape transform in an AI-driven world rapidly progressing towards a fractional economy?
  • Convo 85: Creating value and meaning, Can groups still do it?

    Join the boys as they navigate the intricate and intersected mazes of online walled gardens. While not frustrated that their journey to identify strategies for small groups to cultivate value has not yielded the next communicorn the convo provides insight into shifts in the digital realm that are part of the equation in getting there. From the gradual phasing out of middlemen, digital land grabs and the impending surge of AI-generated content, Pat and Joe grapple with evolving concepts of social engagement – the primary reason we once eagerly reached for our phones .In this age of digital metamorphosis, where can individuals truly belong? Where can they contribute, be acknowledged, or perhaps even learn and earn? Dive deeper next week as the conversation unfolds.