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Urban Farms Above: NYC Roofs Going Green

Season 3, Ep. 70

NYC roofs are dark and dirty, heat absorbing no-man's lands, but thanks to a new act by the City Council, tops of new buildings will become expansive urban gardens and farms – supplying fresh vegetables to our inner city and beyond. City roof-tops will be covered with great swaths of green that will purify our air – cool buildings in the summer and keep us warm in the winter. Green roofs have been the dream of Brooklyn City Council person Rafael Espinal -- and for this BCR episode we had a conversation with Rafael about his recently passed bill -- and with Inger Yancy of Brooklyn Greenroof and Dustin Partridge, director of Green Roof Researchers Alliance / NYC Audobon. We also took a walk around the Brooklyn Grange farm on the roof of Building 3 in the Navy Yards with Grange co-founder Anastasia Cole Plakias.

This episode was recorded on the Porch at Gebhards Beer Culture Bar. If you are getting some benefit from BCR programming, be sure to "like" us on social media and email us with your suggestions for future programming at

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