Balancing Acts


KG Tha Comedian on his 10 year journey to success

Season 1, Ep. 57

KG The Comedian is an actor, comedian and writer.

KG is best known for a YouTube viral hit called Shadrack & The Mandem which culminated in millions of views, with fellow comedian Marston. As an actor he he starred in Famalam, King Gary, Ted Lasso, Sliced, Bloods, Time Wasters and Just A Couple. He also recently featured in Mo Gilligian’s documentary, ‘Black British and Funny. As a stand-up comedian, KG has performed at The Glee Club, O2 Indigo Arena, Catford Theatre and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

KG also co-hosts the podcast 'Undefeated' with Travis Jay.

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