Back 2 Life


Introducing Back 2 Life

Season 1, Ep. 0

Hello I’m Milly Chowles and I hear to tell you about a brand new podcast launching on Friday 30th April called Back To Life.

On it I’ll be talking to artists, musicians and creators to find out how they’ve come back from some really difficult times and the role of  music, art and creativity in their recovery and their lives now. This feels like the perfect time to be launching this series as the world tentatively comes back to life after a year of collective trauma due to the pandemic.

Over the coming epiosdes I’ll be talking to people about mental health, addiction, loss, trauma and the whole human experience in all its glorious messiness but also hope, resilience, transformation and finding meaning and purpose after it all. These are real and raw conversations and with brilliant, brave funny people who’ve lived extraordinary lives and overcome some seriously hard stuff.

I’m making this podcast because as a person in recovery myself I want to learn more about how we can not only come back from our difficulties but actually use those experiences to create beautiful things and to help others in really beautiful ways. You can follow us on instagram @Back2LifePod or @Milly_On_Air to keep updated with all the latest episodes and guest details.

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Male mental health, hip hop and hashtags

Season 1, Ep. 3
Gemma Jennison is a registered mental health nurse and full time lecturer in Birmingham, also studying for a PhD in black males, mental health and hip hop. She’s been promoting hip hop nights since she was 16 and is a proud Mum. After witnessing two of her close friends make suicide attempts within two weeks of each other she founded a charity called The Man Down Project that helps men working in the music industry to have honest and meaningful conversations about their mental well-being and experiences of distress or trauma. Gemma is seriously impressive, sharp, funny and refreshingly straight talking with tons of insight both personal and professional to share. In this episode we talk about how growing up with a mother who had severe mental illness impacted her and inspired her career in mental health. We also talk about personality disorders, mental health services, armchair activism, being a sample geek, toxic masculinity and how to help your friends who are depressed and suicidal. Of course we also talk about Man Down and the challenges of keeping a small charity going through the pandemic.Trigger Warning: We talk about suicide in this episode. Here is the link to Gemma's blog post mentioned: Website: Instagram: @mandownprogramme_Other Charities that can help if you need support:Samaritans: Club’s Man Club you enjoy this episode please subscribe, rate and review and come and join the conversation over on instagram @back2lifepod

Entrepeneurship, extremes and self-esteem

Season 1, Ep. 4
Lauren Burnett is a recovering addict, the founder of fashion brand Luella Rockerfella and mother. Lauren found recovery after a near death experience that left her with life changing injurys. In early recovery as a new Mum she used the unconventional business skills she learned in her addiction to creat her brand- which caught the eye of a millionaire investor in New York…But this isn’t your usual  rags to riches, addict gets clean, turns their life around and lives happily ever after story, oh no! We talk about the reality of what happens when you try and fix your insides with outside stuff, the futility of achievement addiction, the humbling experience of starting again and so much more. In this podcast DJ and broadcaster Milly Chowles talks with artists, musicians and creators about recovery from mental health challenges, addiction and trauma and the role of creativity in their healing. We cover some pretty heavy stuff but there is also plenty of humour, lightness and hope from inspirational people who’ve overcome so much and gone on to live meaningful lives fired up by a sense of purpose and passion.Trigger warning: Drug use and suicide.You can follow @lulu_rocker and her label @LuellaRockerfella on instagram, please also check out her range of hats that are made my women in prison of which all the profits from them go to a drug and alcohol rehab. You can follow the podcast on instagram @back2lifepod