cover art for 1977 — Turning Point & New York, New York: WWII Before and After (feat. Anthony Oliveira)

A Year in Film: A Hollywood Suite Podcast

1977 — Turning Point & New York, New York: WWII Before and After (feat. Anthony Oliveira)

Season 5, Ep. 2

Anthony Oliveira joins Alicia and Becky to grapple with a pair of polarizing pictures: Herbert Ross' ballet drama The Turning Point and Martin Scorsese's period musical New York, New York. Anthony Oliveira is a National Magazine and GLAAD award-winning author, pop culture critic, and PhD living in Toronto. He is the film programmer for the Revue Cinema's DUMPSTER RACCOON CINEMA programme, and the host of the podcast THE DEVIL'S PARTY, examining Christian poetry through a queer readership lens. His first novel, Dayspring, is forthcoming from Strange Light Press in 2023.

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  • 13. 1991 — Edward II & Young Soul Rebels: New Queer Cinema (feat. Bruce la Bruce)

    Iconic Canadian filmmaker, photographer and artist Bruce LaBruce joins Becky and Cam to discuss New Queer Cinema and a pair of films from 1991: Edward II and Young Soul Rebels.
  • 12. 1988 — Prime Evil & Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama (feat. Will Sloan)

    Podcaster Will Sloan joins Becky and Cam for a sleazy schlockfest as they tackle a pair of 1988 films: Prime Evil and Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama. Will Sloan hosts the podcast The Important Cinema Club with Justin Decloux, as well as Michael and Us. As a freelance writer and journalist, he has written for Cinema Scope, NPR, Harper's, Toronto Life, The Believer, and many others.
  • 11. 1988 — Pin & Lady in White: Kindertrauma (feat. Harlan Guthrie)

    Harlan Guthrie, creator of horror podcast Malevolent, and Emily Gagne of We Really Like Her! join Becky to venture into the creepy realm of 1988 cinematic spookfests Pin and the urban legend-inspired Lady in White. Harlan Guthrie is a Canadian writer, editor, director, sound designer, musician, and voice actor. He is the sole creator and talent behind Malevolent, the Lovecraftian horror Audio Drama which is part of the Rusty Quill Network and runner up to the 2021 Discover Pods awards, and DEVISER, the sci-fi horror podcast.
  • 10. 1988 — A Fish Called Wanda & Little Nikita: Undercover 80s (feat. Allison Dore)

    Go undercover with Becky, Cam and special guest Allison Dore as they investigate the cases of the 1988 films A Fish Called Wanda and Little Nikita. Allison is host of the entertainment-focused, daily talk radio show The Breakdown, on SiriusXM channel 167. In 2018, Allison founded Howl & Roar Records, a female-centric comedy record label with a mandate to focus 70% of their output on women in the industry. In the remaining 30% priority is given to men in marginalized communities.
  • 9. 1988 — Tokyo Pop & The Decline of Western Civilization Part 2: Women Who Rock (feat. Marya E. Gates)

    Guest Marya E. Gates joins Emily and Becky to discuss two music-driven films directed by women: Penelope Spheeris' The Decline of Western Civilization Part II: The Metal Years and Fran Rubel Kuzui's Tokyo Pop. Marya E. Gates is a freelance film writer and historian who specializes in the work of female directors. Bylines include, The Playlist, Emmy Mag, Indiewire, Nerdist, Vulture, and more. She is currently working on a book of interviews with female directors for Rizzoli. 
  • 8. 1988 — Bull Durham & Eight Men Out: The Greatest Game (feat. Adnan Virk)

    Sports broadcaster and cinephile Adnan Virk steps up the A Year in Film plate to take a swing at two iconic baseball movies from 1988, Bull Durham and Eight Men Out. Adnan Virk has been a host at MLB Network and NHL Network since 2019. Prior to that he worked at ESPN, primarily on their baseball and college football coverage for almost 9 years. A native of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Virk has worked in broadcasting for 25 years and been on air for 21. He’s also the host of his own movie podcast Cinephile since 2016 and has worked for the Academy twice, winning an Emmy for his Oscars coverage.
  • 7. 1988 — Earth Girls Are Easy & Vibes: Gorgeous/Goofy Goldblum (feat. Lindsay Blair Goeldner)

    Becky and Alicia are joined by Lindsay Blair Goeldner to discuss Earth Girls Are Easy and Vibes, a pair of unusual but very fun 1988 rom-coms starring one of Hollywood's hottest stars: Jeff Goldblum. Lindsay Blair Goeldner is a film producer and the Vice President of Production at Fae Pictures, an award-winning media production company on a mission to decolonize Hollywood. Originally hailing from Toronto, she is currently based in New York City. She has produced and overseen production on award-winning projects that have played festivals worldwide. Some of her work includes short films Diaspora (dir. Tyler Mckenzie Evans), Scaring Women at Night (dir. Karimah Zakia Issa), Death Valley (dir. Grace Sloan); feature films such as Learn to Swim (dir. Thyrone Tommy), I Like Movies (dir. Chandler Levack); and the series Streams Flow from a River (dir. Christopher Yip), to name a few. Through her work, Lindsay aims to elevate and empower emerging talent which continues to be a defining and driving force in her career. When she's not on set or at a karaoke night, you can find her recommending movies on TikTok.
  • 6. 1977 — Skip Tracer & Rituals: Canadian Survival (feat. Justin Decloux)

    Guest Justin Decloux joins Becky and Cam to discuss the Canadian classics Rituals and Skip Tracer. Justin Decloux hosts the podcast The Important Cinema Club with Will Sloan, as well as co-hosting the No Such Thing as a Bad Movie and The Bay Street Video Podcast. When he's not podcasting, he's making movies, writing about movies, or watching movies.
  • 5. 1977 — Outrageous & Looking for Mr. Goodbar: Queer 70s (feat. Elizabeth Purchell)

    Guest Elizabeth Purchell joins Becky and Cam for a Pride Month look at two queer 70s classics, Outrageous and Looking for Mr. Goodbar. Elizabeth Purchell is an Austin-based queer film historian, programmer, filmmaker, and the creator of Ask Any Buddy. She’s also the Print Traffic and Special Projects Manager at the American Genre Film Archive. Recently she has appeared on over a dozen home video releases for various boutique labels and both programs and hosts the monthly Queer Cinema: Lost and Found screening series at Austin Film Society.