A Year in Film: A Hollywood Suite Podcast

With the A Year in Film podcast, rewind and unwind with some of the biggest moments in movie history. Join experts from Hollywood Suite’s A Year in Film TV series — Becky Shrimpton, Alicia Fletcher and Cameron Maitland — as they make like Marty McFly and turn back time to revisit a different era of film, tracking the top trends and forgotten milestones that defined each year and continue to influence us to this very day. A Year in Film podcast is hosted by Becky Shrimpton, and produced by Becky Shrimpton, Alicia Fletcher, and Cameron Maitland. Supervising producer is Emily Gagne and executive producers are David Kines and Julie Kumaria. 

Becky Shrimpton

Becky Shrimpton has enjoyed being a voice actor for the last decade. From being a voice kids would recognize in games and animations they love, like Five Nights at Freddy’s, Doki Adventures, Fireman Sam, League of Legends, Disney/Byju’s Early Learn and the just released Luna, Chip & Inkie Adventure Rangers Go!, to hundreds of commercials and narration projects. She’s an avid movie watcher and specializes her knowledge in Canadian film, which led her to become an award-winning podcast host and producer for brands like Microsoft, The Globe and Mail and Hollywood Suite.

Cam Maitland

Cam Maitland is a host, writer, filmmaker, podcaster, interviewer, and all around film expert. He currently works as the Film & Content Specialist at Hollywood Suite in Toronto, utilizing his wide-ranging expertise both on and off-air. Originally from Edmonton, Alberta, Maitland received his filmmaking degree from Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, B.C., and his films have been shown at festivals across North America. Cam has provided live, on-location coverage for major events, including the BAFTA Film Awards and the Film Independent Spirit Awards.

Alicia Fletcher

A member of the Visual Researcher’s Society of Canada and the Toronto Film Critics Association​, Alicia Fletcher is Hollywood Suite’s Producer of Originals and Curatorial Advancement. She has taught at Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly Ryerson University), the LIFE Institute, and Humber College. Her film curation has been featured at TIFF Cinematheque, the Art Gallery of Ontario, and the Royal Cinema. Since 2012, Alicia has curated Silent Revue held at the historic Revue Cinema, Canada’s only year-round showcase dedicated to silent cinema and Toronto’s longest-running repertory series.