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Rob Flux Talks About Taking the SMART Route and Eating An Elephant

Season 8, Ep. 800

Rob Flux is a property developer, educator, and mentor as well as founder of Australia’s largest property network group Property Developer Network. His personal and professional journeys have intertwined throughout the years, starting from purchasing his family home from his parents as a teenager to starting his thriving network group through a conversation with friends sharing their property experiences

In this episode of our 'Investor vs. Developer' series, Flux follows up on our previous conversation with more effective mindset-building tips. He now lays down a bite-sized and S.M.A.R.T. process that will practically sharpen your strategy and help one overcome a seemingly formidable task of debunking personal limiting beliefs one step at a time. Plus, he gives timeless advice on using a reward system that works!

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  • 822. Dawn Fouhy on Future Proofing and Gaining $280,000 Equity in 3 Years

    Fouhy is the founder of Future Proof Property Advisory and an ICU nurse who took her life from the Irish countryside and transplanted herself into Home and Away— or so she thought! In this episode she shares her incredible journey of working various jobs as a teenager and traveling the world before settling in Australia, soon discovering the reality of working in remote hospitals in the outback. Despite being thrown in the deep end, she developed the skills and resilience necessary to succeed both personally and professionally, helping her to achieve the Australian dream.
  • 821. Braydon Birch: From Skate Parks to Property Investment Success

    If grit and determination could be personified, they would come in the form of Braydon Birch. The construction worker, buyer’s advocate, and co-director of Hirch Property Group could easily have skated through life and watched opportunities fly by, but he grabbed every one he could— and then some. Growing up disadvantaged instilled a strong sense of determination in him to overcome the obstacles he faced and achieve success, motivating him to create a better life for himself and break the cycle of poverty.In this episode he divulges all about his younger years growing up in Melbourne’s east, where skate parks and shopping centre car parks took precedence over school. However, he caught himself from slipping into a downward spiral, and explains just how he did so to become the company founder and property investor he is today.
  • 820. Earned Over $2B in Combined Wealth: Millan’s Advice to Clients!

    We’re back with Jackson Millan, the founder of Aureus Financial and author of 2 bestselling books on achieving financial freedom. It’s all about numbers this episode! Millan shares the 4 core parts of business, the 3 aspects of his business philosophy and his $200k passive income goal. Of course, there are words too. Sharing his wisdom, Millan cautions against the most common mistakes that block success.Plus, he reveals his own personal goals to write 100 books before he dies! With his 3rd one coming out just next year, he might not be too far off…
  • 819. Financial Freedom at 34? Jackson Millan Guides Us on How.

    It’s a tale as old as time: rags to riches! Boasting 15 years of experience in the wealth and business strategy space, Millan is an expert on achieving financial freedom. Indeed, he did it by the age of just 34! An inspiration to listeners of any financial background, Millan uncovers the secret to creating a 20-year roadmap, documenting goals between 5-10 years and reverse-engineering it into a single income target. And, he reveals the rocky journey to success. From failing grades and a briefly unsuccessful ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ moment that resulted in his firing, Millan shows the reward for perseverance and competence. 
  • 818. Discipline: Timothy Brown’s Journey to the Army

    Have you ever wondered what it takes to be successful in the army? Have you ever wished you had the discipline to save for that deposit you’ve been looking to secure? Investor Timothy Brown and his story about growing up and entering the army can help. Learn how he realised what his ideal career path was and the places it took him along the way in this episode of Property Investory.
  • 817. Building the Developer’s Dream with Paul Maaskant

    Paul Maaskant has always been an active individual since youth, and that’s led him to develop his $10 million property portfolio in only 5 years. Find out in this episode all about how he got to where he is today and how he ‘built’ the success he has today. Drawing interest in building his own house from a young age, learn how Maaskant achieved this dream and more on Property Investory.
  • 816. From Mingling with the Stars to Founding a Property Business with Ludwina Dautovic

    Ludwina Dautovic is the founder of The Room Xchange. She has pursued multiple career paths including working in nightclubs, TV production, podcasting and founding numerous businesses. Recently, she has taken on a business with a focus of solving Australia’s housing crisis.In today’s episode, we’ll explore the incredible twists and turns of her storied life, taking her from country NSW to New York City. Plus, how she’s managed to be her own boss for nearly thirty years!  
  • 815. Demolishing and Building with David Woo

    Meet David Woo, a chartered accountant in private practice specialising in accounting and tax, in particular advising on property-related matters in regards to tax, and successful property investor. Born and raised in Hong Kong, he came from a middle-class family before moving to Australia, where he made the switch in his career from science to accounting, completing a Master of Commerce. After university, he applied for a job at the firm Richard A. Bobb and got the role and eventually became a partner of the firm.In this episode of Property Investory, find out why their accounting firm focuses on property and why David Woo thinks property is so powerful and what it can do for your life. Also, we will be delving into his surprising first property where the house he was demolishing had to be taken away on a truck, his journey of property investments after that, from one in Queensland to another in NSW, his worst investing moment and much, much more!
  • 814. Gratitude Makes the Attitude: The Alex Jeloudev Story

    Alex Jeloudev is many things— a dedicated social worker, husband, and now property investor as well. Keep an eye on his name as it’s one you’ll soon be hearing a lot of! Jeloudev has already made his mark on the disability and senior social work areas, and is keen to load up his plate with more of what brings him happiness. Next on his list is fulfilling his dream of entering the property investment world. In this episode Jeloudev shares why he put it off for so long, and how putting himself in his clients’ shoes— along with one other big change— gave him the push he needed to get going. Despite some stumbles along the way, the path led him to a particular buyer’s agent who took him under his wing and helped him to fly high.