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Hops To Home September 2021

Season 1, Ep. 96
September 2021 Hops to Home pack has arrived!   Another 5 cracking beers delivered directly to our door for us to bang on about for about an hour. This episode again taps into the Hope Rocks concert at Hope Estate referencing great Aussie rock bands as well as movies such as Young Einstein and The Matrix.   Dave also taps in the grey matter and divulges where he was on 8/8/1988. Where were you on 8/8/1988 and have you still got your bicentennial coin that all school aged kids received?   The beers in this months pack are:   And don't forget to check out our 500 beers page that Dave spent hours and hours pulling together and see if you can find your favourite beer and let us know what it is in the comments.

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Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Hops To Home Decemebr 2021...Last Episode Ever?

Season 1, Ep. 103
Well it's our last episode for 2021...but could this be Aussie beer Explorer's last episode ever???   Nothing's set in stone yet, but what we do know is that after this ep we'll definitely be taking a break for a while. Thanks to everyone who's listened to us rabbit on for the last three and a half years, hopefully we gave you something fun to do while some of you were in lockdown at various times throughout the's crazy to think that for over half the time we've been gasbagging about beers has been during these "unprecedented times".   And a huge thanks to Hops To Home, who've been sending us a few extra beers to talk about each month. We've enjoyed trying beers we wouldn't have grabbed off the shelves ourselves, and as a result we've definitely broadened our horizons!    So for the final episode for 2021, Hops To Home sent us another 5 awesome beers to finish on: Gin Barrel Gose - Hargreaves Hill Brewing Company Pale Ale - Fields Brewing Co Strongarm Export Pilsner - Hop Nation ORB & The Gang NEIPA - Ocean Reach Brewery Enter The Dragon Dragonfruit & Passionfruit Hazy IPA - Bonehead Brewing Co Remember to stay subscribed so you'll know if/when we do anything next, and keep in touch on our socials...we'll probably still occasionally post stuff, there's still plenty left to explore out there...      Cheers, Dave and Dave.
Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Low Alcohol Special

Season 1, Ep. 102
What a controversial episode this is...first of all, all these beers are 0.5% ABV. Yep you read that right, we've done a couple of mini-eps before, but this is our first ever full length low-alcohol episode! But as we talk about in this episode, this segment of the market is booming, so we thought we'd better jump on the bandwagon too...   Another big topic in this ep is that this is the second last episode of Aussie Beer Explorers!!! Maybe not forever, we're not sure yet, but at least for a little while we'll be giving your ears a rest. But feel free to stay subscribed, that way you'll be the first to hear if/when we decide to get going again.   So for our penultimate episode we had a go at 8 low-alcohol beers from around the country...and as a special treat for our long-time listeners we even brought back our favourite segment - bogan vs boutique! (Let's face it, Carlton Zero never stood a chance!).   Tropical XPA - Nort Beer Sidewinder XPA Deluxe - Brick Lane Mind Your Head Non-alc XPA - Hop Nation Mornington Free Non-alc Pale Ale - Mornington Peninsula Brewery Quiet XPA - Heaps Normal Free Time Alcohol Free Pale Ale - Bridge Road Brewers New World IPA - UpFlow Brewing Poolside DDH IPA - Big Drop Brewing Co