Aussie Beer Explorers


Hops To Home Decemebr 2021...Last Episode Ever?

Season 1, Ep. 103
Well it's our last episode for 2021...but could this be Aussie beer Explorer's last episode ever???   Nothing's set in stone yet, but what we do know is that after this ep we'll definitely be taking a break for a while. Thanks to everyone who's listened to us rabbit on for the last three and a half years, hopefully we gave you something fun to do while some of you were in lockdown at various times throughout the's crazy to think that for over half the time we've been gasbagging about beers has been during these "unprecedented times".   And a huge thanks to Hops To Home, who've been sending us a few extra beers to talk about each month. We've enjoyed trying beers we wouldn't have grabbed off the shelves ourselves, and as a result we've definitely broadened our horizons!    So for the final episode for 2021, Hops To Home sent us another 5 awesome beers to finish on: Remember to stay subscribed so you'll know if/when we do anything next, and keep in touch on our socials...we'll probably still occasionally post stuff, there's still plenty left to explore out there...      Cheers, Dave and Dave.

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