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  • 33. Just Like New: Having a Confab About All Things Vintage, Retro & Upcycling

    There is a movement to repurpose, re-use, and transform the old and once forgotten. What we discard can be reimagined into new and beautiful forms.  There is a fondness, a nostalgia for eras gone by and seems to resurface from generation to generation. This sentimentality appears to be a uniquely human.  Perhaps it reminds us of our own impermanence or comforts us as we age.Join us as we chat about the love of period costume, upcycling fashion and breathing fresh life into old technology through art.Let's revamp our old way of thinking, and discover a new mantra: In with the old, and out with the new.Must Mentions@rollerponyto@sonicboommusic@reclamationdesigncompanySources“Vinyl record sales keep spinning and spinning – with no end in sight”“Why Is Vinyl So Expensive? (The Real Reasons for High Record Prices)”“How Tom Hanks the Movie Star Became Tom Hanks the Short Story Writer”“10 Artists Working in Recycled Art”“Living in the past: lifestyles from bygone eras”“This Young Artist Draws With A Typewriter, And Here Are 30 Of His Impressively Detailed Images”“Why Are Old Things Increasingly Popular With Young People?”“Taking Something Old and Making It New: Meet Trista The Woman Making Fashion More Sustainable”“13 Incredible Artivists Using Recycled Materials in Their Art”“Reemergence of old trends”
  • 32. Ghost Town: Uncovering the Mystery of the Abandoned with Fiona Thornton of Luximos Christie's International Real Estate

    The words ghost town commonly conjure images of empty narrow streets of wooden buildings with dusty verandahs support blackened, gaping windows, and if you wander far enough, you might come across a rickety old saloon or perhaps a general store.Abandoned villages are not just forgotten remnants of a time gone by.  People flee their homes, sometimes overnight or over decades, when it no longer makes sense to stay.Ghost towns are often left behind to the passage of time but sometimes they can be revived and reconstructed, home again to new life. Explore the potential renaissance of an abandoned village in Portugal with our guest, Fiona Thornton, International Manager of the luxury brokerage Luximos.So let’s cast off our assumptions, and excavate the derelict, the deserted and the desolate ghost town.Must MentionLuximos Christie's International Real EstateSale of Village with typical houses, Arouca, Portugal“You Won't Believe What Happened to These Ghost Towns”“Why are we so fascinated by ghost towns?”“In Earth’s hottest place, life has been found in pure acid”“35 Creepy Abandoned Cities and Ghost Towns Around the World”“30 of the Most Stunning Abandoned Towns Around the World”“15 of the largest abandoned cities and ghost towns around the world, and the eerie stories behind them”“Is it Safe to Visit  Chernobyl?”,your%20step%20at%20all%20times.“Man Who Got Stranded For Months In Desert Ghost Town Decides To Stay”
  • 31. Only the Lonely: Bringing Light to the Shadow of Loneliness with Dragana Curovic

    Content Warning: This episode discusses loneliness, sadness, depression, anxiety and suicide. This may be triggering to some listeners.Loneliness is an epidemic in today’s society. Though it’s prevalence may have been exacerbated as a result of the imposed isolation of the recent pandemic, loneliness is a real and devastating issue for so many. Loneliness is lack of integration, a sense of disconnection from the social fabric. It is a feeling of isolation from others, whether one is surrounded by a supportive network or truly alone.Listen in to our conversation with our guest Dragana Curovic who reveals an innovative housing development in Helsingborg, Sweden that was developed to combat loneliness.Find and follow us wherever you find your favourite podcasts.Must Mentions@reengageuk@meetup@thesofasingers@voicesrockcanadaSources"Why Swedes Are So Lonely”“Innovative housing project addressing loneliness among the elderly and refugee integration”“It's like family': the Swedish housing experiment designed to cure loneliness”“One is the Loneliest Number: the History of a Western Problem”“Loneliness Isn’t Inevitable- a Guide to Making New Friends as an Adult”“15 Organizations That Can Help People Feeling Lonely""Tackling Loneliness Organizations""Loneliness poses health risks as deadly as smoking US Surgeon General says."“The Minister addresses the fight against loneliness”“Teenage girls experiencing record high levels of sadness, violence and trauma, CDC says” , PBS News Hour.“Is Loneliness Making My Mental Health Struggles Harder?”“Loneliness and Isolation”
  • 30. Down the Garden Path: Getting the Dirt from John Lenz of Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Company

    Gardens, whether large or small, grand and humble offer a horticultural respite from our busy lives and fulfill our passion for nurturing the natural world.John Lenz of the innovative Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Company in Mansfield, Missouri joins us in this episode to share his passion for rare seeds and heirloom varieties that should be preserved for future generations. So let’s start sowing those seeds of love and start digging into the glory of the garden.Must Mentions@bakercreekseeds@thefrenchiegardener@ronfinleyhqSources“Gardens of Villandry France”“How it all Began - Medieval Garden”“The 50 Best Gardening accounts to Follow on Instagram”“Grass Alternatives: 12 Low-Maintenance Lawn Replacements”“What is a Hindu Garden: Tips For Creating Hind Gardens”“23 Beneficial Insects and other Creepy Crawlies That Your Garden Will Love”“Gardening Statistics in 2023 (incl. Covid & Millennials),households%20engage%20in%20gardening%20activities.“Digging in the Dirt Really Does Make People Happier”“These are the 30 Most Beautiful Gardens in the World”“The Best Gardening Movies”“How Gardening Affects Mental Health”
  • 29. In Praise of Pets: Making No Bones About It with Efithia Lachanas of Nine Lives Greece

    Do you love your fur baby? Of course you do! Pets bring us joy, companionship, and are even good for our health.Most people seek to bring into their homes dogs, cats, rabbits, or even the odd hedgehog or snake, but exotic pets can pose a myriad of issues for the owner. So where do we draw the line?Listen in as we have a real chat with Eftihia Lachanas, a representative of Nine Lives Greece. Nine Lives Greece is a network of volunteers that is dedicated to the reduction of the stray cat overpopulation through trap-neuter-return programmes in Athens, Greece.Must Mentions@ninelivesgreeceSources“The Psychological and Physical Benefits of Having a Pet”“Ask Smithsonian: When Did People Start Keeping Pets?”“Pet Ownership Statistics 2023” Glance-,66%25%20of%20U.S.%20households%20(86.9%20million%20homes)%20own%20a,fish%20(11.1%20million%20households).“The Truth About Pet Spending Statistics And How Much Pet Owners Spend on Pet Ownership!”“Breaking: Big Cat Public Safety Act passes the US Senate and heads to President Biden’s desk”“How did America end up with the world’s largest tiger population?”“Being a 'crazy pet person' can give you a longer life”“Top Signs That You’re a Crazy Pet Owner and Need to Tone It Down”“10 Exotic Animals You Can Legally Own as Pets in Canada”
  • 28. All-Inclusive: Digging in to Diversity and Inclusion with Pauline Kajiura and Cole Gately

    Diversity, inclusion, equity and anti-racism are some of the terms that are bandied about boardrooms and many public arenas, but what do these hefty words really mean in our daily lives, especially when we travel?How these closely-related social values are expressed or repressed can significantly impact people’s sense of belonging, their sense of security whether at home or abroad.Discover more as we explore anti-racism and anti-oppression with Pauline Kajiura and Cole Gately, co-directors of Intersecting, an anti-racism and anti-oppression consulting firm, based in Europe and Canada, learn how we can become better allies in every setting to affirm all people of all abilities, gender, sexual orientation, race, religion, culture and customs.Follow us for entertaining and accessilble education. New episodes weekly!Must Mentions:@humandignitytrust@humanrightswatch@spencer2thewest@iluv2globetrotBeen Around the GlobeThe Sophisticated LifeThe Five to Nine TravellerSources:
  • 27. Postcard from Galapagos

    Just like a postcard, tune in tomorrow for this bite-sized correspondence between Harris and Walker as they chat about Harris’ recent adventures in the Galapagos Islands. Recorded live on location in Guayaquil, Ecuador.Must MentionSemilla Verde@semillaverdeboutiquehotelSea Finch@yachtseafinchCharles Darwin. "On the Origin of Species." November, 1859.
  • 26. Beyond Words: In Conversation with Psycholinguistics Professor, Dr. Margaret Grant

    It is believed that Charlemagne once said that to have another language is to possess a second soul.Language connects us, binds us, but is also a vehicle for social and cultural norms. Language can define our values, express our ethics and establish boundaries of behaviour.Explore the science of language with Dr. Margaret Grant, professor of linguistics and cognitive science at Simon Fraser University in British Columbia.Let's not mince words, and have real talk about the fascinating subject of language.**Oops! Our most sincere apologies, but  psycholinguistics is the study of the psychology of language, not solely the study of language**“An English-Speaking Teenager Has Woken Up From a Coma Speaking Fluent Spanish”“What Is Esperanto, And Who Speaks It?”“Understanding Body Language and Facial Expressions”“How to tell if someone is lying to you, according to researchers”“Here’s an English Poem to Show How Crazy English Can Get”“5 Steps for Dealing With People Who Talk Too Much”“7 Things People Assume About Me Because I Don’t ‘Talk Much’”“The Village Where People Talk in Bird Language”“Lost in translation! Tourists share hilarious signs they've spotted around the world that have been converted into English (with some VERY odd results)”“The Psychology of Language”
  • 25. Pinching Pennies: Speaking with Sensational Saver & Couponner, Ashley Barnes

    Feeling the pinch in your pocketbook? It’s nifty to be thrifty! Our hard-earned dollars are doing double duty these days to make ends meet. And as we all know, money doesn’t grow on trees.Find your frugality with economizing expert, Ashley Barnes, a crackerjack couponner and greenback guru who shares her money saving wisdom with us.Must Mentions@couponwithashleybSources“11 people who have gone to unbelievable lengths to save money”“Why Millennials Value Experiences, Not Stuff”“Money-saving tips from a Chinese millennial who owns two properties”“A Foolish Take: Millennials are more frugal than you think”“Costly Mistakes People Make While Grocery Shopping”“The Best Day of the Week To Go Grocery Shopping”“The difference Between Frugal & Cheap (Thrifty & Stingy)”“15 Depression Era Money Saving Tips That Will Save You Hundreds On Groceries”