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  • 17. Episode Seventeen: Fanny Beckman

    Please note this episode includes discussion of many difficult topics - Domestic violence and violence against women, eating disorders and body dysmorphia, abortion, panic attacks. Please go carefully! This episode is an interview with feminist photographer Fanny Beckman. We discuss her recent creative projects as well as bringing her feminist lens to commercial work. Fanny talks about creating a comfortable environment on set, challenging the male gaze and looking after herself as an activist. You can find Fanny's work here - Open Eye Gallery in Liverpool - from this episode - Julia Margaret Cameron's house on the Isle of Wight Dimbola – The home of Julia Margaret CameronLee Miller's house in Sussex

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  • 16. Episode Sixteen: Emily Aboud

    Episode Sixteen is an honest and thoughtful chat with Director, Writer, Theatremaker and Drag King Emily Aboud. At the time of recording, Emily is mid-rehearsal at the Royal Opera House and weeks away from the final run of her show Splintered at Soho Theatre. We discussed the joys and struggles of making theatre in London, the importance of knowing your audience and the value of play in the rehearsal room. The conversation travels from Trinidad to the Edinburgh Fringe to London via Swindon TK Maxx. Content warning: Please note this episode includes references to slavery and homophobia. Show Notes: Lagahoo Productions - at Soho Theatre - Theatre Trinidad - Writers Lab -, Anne Bogart - The Act, New Diorama - by Ava Wong-Davies at the Royal Court - at the Sky's Edge by Chris Bush at the National Theatre -' Impressions theme music is by Kye Perry (AKA Mystery Season)
  • Episode Fifteen: Two by Two

    A slightly different episode - I went out and about! I cornered artists at the private view of Two by Two, a group exhibition presented by Brushes with Greatness, on at Morell House in Shoreditch until 15th Feb. I spoke to Selby Hi about her joyful cat-rug-chair sculptures, to Darcy Murphy about her playful pastel drawings, to Niall Campbell Strachan about his expressive canvas, and to curator Jack Trodd about his vision for the show. Selby Hi - Murphy - Campbell Strachan - with Greatness - discussed in the episode: The Ginger Kitty Wants me to Sit on his Knee - Selby Hi Be With Me - Selby HiThe Wild Goose Chase - Darcy MurphyHuddle In - Darcy MurphyHigh Alert - Niall Campbell StrachanExhibition Catalogue -' Impressions theme music is by Kye Perry (AKA Mystery Season)
  • 14. Episode Fourteen: Hanakiv

    Episode 14 of Artist' Impressions and the first of series two. Laura chats to musician, composer and sound artist Hanakiv in the lead up to the release of her debut album Goodbyes. We discuss the creation of her recent music video, her Grandma, her collaboration with visual artists and other musicians, improvisation and how she incorporate the science of sound into her work. No Words Left by Hanakiv is featured at 00:59, 03;41 and 11:43. Goodbye by Hanakiv is featured at 14:17, 19:22 and 27:52. Hanakiv is represented by Gondwana Records - music can be found here - the music video for Goodbye here -' Impressions theme music is by Kye Perry (AKA Mystery Season)
  • 13. Episode Thirteen: Jack Pursglove

    Laura chats to cartoonist and illustrator Jack Pursglove about his work, how he came to drawing, supporting your friends, what to do with sketchbooks when they're finished and how to balance creativity with keeping up the the Instagram hustle. Find his work here: NotesDavid Shrigley, Artist InktoberStandard:Elite by Hidden Track Theatre Summer of Soul (Or When the Revolution Could Not Be Televised), QuestloveSheffield Documentary Festival Les Blancs by Loraine Hansberry James Turrell There Will be Blood, Paul Thomas Anderson Cold Lasagne Hate Myself 1999, James AcasterMUSIC BY KYE PERRY
  • 12. Episode Twelve: Marina Renee-Cemmick

    In this episode Laura chats to painter, dancer and sculptor Marina Renee-Cemmick. We talked about drawing as a way of thinking, ways to combine art forms, the importance of mentorship, the joy of teaching, the place of painting in a speedy digital world, Dorset, Glasgow, Kyoto, Prague and Florence.Episode NotesMarina's work: Royal Society of Portrait Painters 2021 Exhibition at the Mall Galleries Life Glasgow Saville Slav Epic by Alphonse Mucha Royal Drawing School Mcluhan, The Medium is the Message
  • 11. Episode Eleven: If it's About Mothers, it's Also About Spiders.

    Content Warning: Please note this episode includes discussion of grief and bereavement as well as mental ill-health. In this episode Laura speaks to Stella Green, Emily Hamilton and Freddie Cotton of Definitely Fine Theatre about the process of making their new digital production You Will See Everything which premiered last week at the National Student Drama Festival. We talked about making theatre in our homes, navigating new digital creative spaces and how to make black sludge. You Will See Everything: in the episode:Sarah KaneSlung Low Theatre Company at The Holbeck, Leeds Bourgeois Twigs Michael Kelly Williams of the Dust, 1991Matthew Josephs Harvey Fiona AppleEzra Furman's Transangelic Exodus, 2018Rina Sawayama, The Making of Sawayama, Theatre Company Bucket Theatre Company