Creator Clubhouse

Welcome to the Creator Clubhouse - a podcast where we discuss business and the art of creativity while also exploring ways to become more empathetic, whole humans. 

Join us as we cover topics like managing clients, taking care of our mental health, staying creative, and building a creative empire lol.

The Creator Clubhouse is hosted by three perfectly imperfect hosts who run and manage @artofvisuals and the art of visuals creative agency. Prince McClinton, Viera Reid, and Dj Ramirez. 

Prince McClinton

I am a servant leader, entrepreneurial ruckus maker, designer, and perpetual action taker. I am always learning and making the most of my days with the people around me. My life goals are simple; I will be satisfied in life if I: 1) Change and innovate something(s) in the world 2) Live a life with stories worth sharing 3) Spread happiness