Life cycle thinking (Episode 1)

Season 6, Ep. 1

Life cycle thinking is not new. But it is growing in importance. Manufacturers are seeking better data of their product supply chains, of their emissions they they themselves create and which are created as a result of the work of their suppliers and service providers.


In this first episode we hear from House of Cosmetics and Viking Lifesaving, two completely different companies but with a common objective, to build up a full data focused picture of the life cycle emissions of their products and processes, including scope three emissions, those coming from suppliers, which includes the companies providing logistics and transport services.


Join Fathom World's Craig Eason as he is guided by ReFlow CEO and Founder Rasmus Elsborg-Jensen, and other industry experts across the manufacturing, finance, future fuel, shipbuilding and shipping sectors about life cycle thinking and the inevitable changes we are all facing.


In this episode:


Craig Eason, Fathom.World






Rasmus Elsborg-Jensen, Reflow






Robert Schmidt, House of Cosmetics






Tim Engell Pedersen. Viking Lifesaving