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Investing in maritime greentech, CCS onboard & renting the wind

Season 8, Ep. 3

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  • 11. From the IMO the day history was made

    The immediate response from across the spectrum of those in the room when the decision at the IMO to strengthen shipping's decarbonisation strategy was made.
  • 8. June 19th 2023

    More details soon
  • 7. June 4th 2023

    Craig Eason talks to: Alco Weeke, STC on the launch of METNET and seafarer training for a new industryDi Gilpin, Smart Green Shipping, on having a nuclear fuel carrier agree to instal a test wind system on a ship.Pia Meling, Grieg Green, on the risks of not understanding the transparency actsShane McArdle, CEO, Kongeberg Digital, on the future of the company now Shell Ventures and IdeKapital invest $90m
  • 6. May 28th 2023

    News stories relating to this edition of the podcast can be found atAutonomous Ships and Autonomous crew: why we need both CIMAC Congress returns to a new era of decarbonisation
  • 5. May 8th 2023

    Craig Eason talks to: Loukas Kontogiannis, Head, Marine Pollution, Marine Environment Division. Is ship sourced plastic pollution a challenge too big?Sofia Werner RISE MaritimeThe need to tell shipping’s growing good news about wind propulsion carefully Mariana Noceti, Principal Programme Assistant, Women in Maritime Programme, Technical Cooperation DivisionThe role of men and International Women in Maritime DaySveinung Oftedal, Norwegian Ministry of Climate & EnvironmentWhat exactly is a green corridor and how will it help the shipping industry in its efforts to decarbonize?   
  • 4. Brim Tech, Klaveness' sustainability, and MAN ES engine bonanza

    Brim Explorer is a young company started by two entrepreneurs in 2018. It has thrived, now has a fleet of soon to be five electric or hybrid electric vessels, has a partnership with a leading ferry operator and a technology spin off. I sat down on one of the company's founders, Espen Larsen-Hakkebo, on one of his boats during a trip to Oslo to talk about the company journey and the idea for the tech companyAlso I have a slip from a conversation I had with the Engebret Dahm, CEO of ship owner Klaveness Combination Carriers about their decarbonisation plans and also spoke to MAN ES about one of the topics Dahl spoke about, the needs for the engines and the fuel