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What to Know about Pursuing a Career in Criminal Justice | EP51

Ep. 51

Are you interested in working in law enforcement or the criminal justice field? In this episode, Dr. Jarrod Sadulski talks to AMU Criminal Justice professor Dr. Michael Pittaro about his new book, “Pursuing and Navigating a Career in Criminal Justice,” based on his 30+ years of experience working in the criminal justice system. Learn how to get into the field, including tips on preparing for the interview process, the background check, as well as the physical and psychological exams. Once hired, learn what to expect in the Academy, during the probational period, and how to set yourself up for future promotions. Also learn how to navigate the many challenges that law enforcement brings including stress, burnout, low morale, and mental health issues as well as some of the critical coping mechanisms to manage the stress and difficulties of the profession.

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