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Episode 7 - CAMARA and Open Gateway Special

Season 2023, Ep. 7

The GSMA's Open Gateway was a significant announcement at MWC2023 - but it builds on the CAMARA project, which has made rapid progress in the last year. Could it hold the keys to new revenue streams for telcos, and in particular from 5G? We hear from two people directly involved in driving the initiative, and put it in context of both earlier telco API efforts, and the work of companies like Twilio and Vonage (Ericsson).

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  • 33. Episode 33 - Quantum Utility, with IBM's Imed Othmani

    In this week’s episode Patrick Kelly is joined by IBM Quantum Industry Partner, Imed Othmani, in a discussion on progress and obstacles in Quantum Computing. In particular, what and when will be the first practical applications of this technology. It’s a fascinating insight into the path from pure research to business value, and IBM’s approach to finding it.
  • 32. Episode 32 - Orchestrating to $100 Billion, with Itential's Chris Wade

    Telcos are right to look to enterprise customers for near term growth. But that growth will see them selling new kinds of services, and is dependent on a new level of self-serviceability. In this episode Robert and Grant are joined by Itential CTO Chris Wade to discuss how the next big wave of digital services - an incremental revenue potential of $100B for telcos - can be enabled.
  • 31. Episode 31 - Telecom: A Software Engineering Perspective

    What do software leaders within telcos think about the tremendous rate of change and technological innovation taking place? How do they view topics like SaaS, GenAI, or edge computing? How do they consider the vendor landscape? What principles are most important in the era of cloud and continous delivery? In this thoughtful episode, Robert and John talk with Rob Bennett, SVP of Software Engineering at Echostar - the new name for the combined Dish Wireless and Echostar assets that were re-merged in early 2024.
  • 30. Episode 30: From AI to Quantum, with IBM Research's Jeff Welser

    IBM Research is responsible for ideas and innovations that will drive growth and redefine the state-of-the-art in technology. In a rare discussion with IBM Research , Patrick Kelly begins the episode with COO Jeff Welser by exploring the state of AI, and the practicalities of cutting-edge research. From there, it's a look into the relationship between AI and quantum computing, high-value use cases for both within telecom and in other industry sectors. And with a diversion into the world of 2nm silicon, cooling... it's quite the tour, right at the frontiers of technology.
  • 29. Episode 29 - Disruption at the Edge, with Arrcus' Shekar Ayyar

    Patrick Kelly talks with Arrcus' CEO Shekar Ayyar, exploring how the network infrastructure market is ripe for disruption, starting from the edge in.
  • 28. 5G Testing and Assurance in the Cloud Era, with Spirent's Steve Douglas

    Patrick Kelly talks with Spirent's Head of Strategy, Stephen Douglas, on the nature of testing and assurance for telcos in the cloud era. At least, that's where they start... An informative two-way discussion follows - a useful primer for lots of what will be on show at MWC24.
  • 1. Episode 27 - Changing the Game, with Amdocs' Avishai Sharlin

    In the telecom software market, Amdocs has long been one of the most significant and successful players. But how does it view, and respond to, the multiple waves of disruptive change in telecom and IT, from cloud to GenAI? To what extent are its customers - 400-some telcos across the globe - embracing or playing down the impact? In short, while we often talk about game-changing technologies, how is that playing out in practice, for both telcos and their suppliers?And, just ahead of MWC24, what can we expect to see hear and experience from Amdocs this year?This episode is a wide-ranging half-hour conversation with one of Amdocs' most senior and most experienced executives.
  • 26. Modernizing Assurance, with Ciena Blue Planet's Ashley Woods

    The goals of network and service assurance haven't changed - but just about everything else has. How should operators adapt their assurance strategies and established a modern assurance capability? In this episode, Robert is joined by two true veterans in this market and topic: Ashley Woods, from Blue Planet (a Division of Ciena) and Principal Analyst Patrick Kelly.
  • 25. Episode 25 - Going Vertical, with Oracle's Matt Beal

    Telcos were supporting industry verticals long before 5G, but seem to be struggling to make the case for greater relevance. Why is that? What are the opportunities and what else - beyond improved connectivity technology - must telcos do differently to be true partners for industries going forward?Robert and Grant are joined by Matt Beal, Senior VP of Development at Oracle Communications, and a highly experienced telecom industry executive on both sides of the Atlantic.