The International Anthony Burgess Foundation Podcast

The International Anthony Burgess Foundation Podcast Channel hosts two podcasts:

The International Anthony Burgess Foundation Podcast is dedicated to exploring the life and work of Anthony Burgess and his contemporaries, and the cultural environment in which Burgess was working. A combination of scripted episodes, interviews and lectures, this series is a resource for students, readers and anyone else interested in twentieth century literature, film and music. The International Anthony Burgess Foundation Podcast includes episodes on A Clockwork Orange and other novels written by Burgess, the influence of James Joyce, literary dystopias and utopias, and Burgess’s musical compositions among many other themes and topics.

The Ninety-Nine Novels Podcast delves into Anthony Burgess's 1984 survey of twentieth century literature, Ninety-Nine Novels: The Best in English Since 1939. The book is a personal, and somewhat idiosyncratic, selection of Burgess’s favourite novels, and not only stimulates debate but acts as a crash-course in the literature that inspired and influenced Burgess throughout his career. The Ninety-Nine Novels Podcast invites experts to illuminate Burgess’s choices, and includes episodes on famous masterworks to unjustly forgotten gems. The Ninety-Nine Novels Podcast releases two series a year, and has featured episodes on Thomas Pynchon, Iris Murdoch, V.S. Naipaul and Ian Fleming.

For more information about Anthony Burgess visit the International Anthony Burgess Foundation online.