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Anna Mann. Actress, singer, welder (got to have a back up). Siren of the stage and screen. Hear her discuss the intensely brave, visceral and real art of Acting with some of the greatest practitioners of the greatest of all crafts.The creation of ac...

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  • 2. Anna's Trinkets 2

    Anna gives you another of her Trinkets because she cares. If you want to hear more support us - they'll be a free 1 every week and a couple more on there!
  • 1. Anna's Trinkets

    Anna Mann returns from the dead for a series of delightfully short mini eps to try and get some money off you. Today she explains how Heaven works and why Thatcher has turned the other cheekSupport us at
  • Anna's Angels Pilot

    Anna's Angels Pilot! Live recording at the Museum of Comedy! Awarding Actress Anna Mann returns at last as a ghostly spirit possessing the body of Afterlife star Colin Hoult to solve all the world's problems and maybe yours. Who knows its a podcast that changes any semblance of format constantly! With Anna's actual Norwegian cousin Ingrid Darle and special guest Lorna Rose Treen Let me know if you like this and more will follow!SUPPORT THE USTweet: @colinhoult Insta: @colinhoultcomedyWeb: iamcolinhoult.comBOOK for acting and comedy for smaller gigs, podcasts, requestsTHANKS TO @eyesonlegs for wonderful music, image design and editing@edshots for the original photo
  • She's Back!

    Anna Mann, greatest actress of the greatest generation (mid 70s probably) returns to the world of podcasts at last! rejoice my darlings, rejoice. buoyed and frankly bored on tour performing her show The Death of Anna Mann (5 stars most reviews - self out etc etc) she has decided to blast your ears with some of her latest tit bits and twat abouts. Who knows what she has to say this time? Or when it will come out? Or if any of it will be worth it? But we know you will love it. This time she argues with Sue Clinch about trying to put two things together that don't go together and shouldn't. She explains her views on God, talks about her intent to assassinate a reviewer and how she was saved from doing so by an unfortunate soul. Anna also dedicates this show and all her podcasts to the late great Phil Jerrod. He was an amazing help on this podcast and a dear and very missed pal. She talks a bit about what he meant to both of us. you can donate to Sarcoma UK if you wish to show some love for lovely Phil. sarcoma ukAnd you must come see Anna on tour! she's still gallivanting across the county, book now as tickets are honestly selling out. Soho has gone! http://iamcolinhoult.comThe podcast returns, Here's to many more!
  • 17. Did a Mayor Ride an Elephant?

    Anna Mann is back with another bloody podcast. Its very off the cuff and really quite stupid. At one point she remembers her mother's conviction that a mayor once rode a mechanical elephant around Nottingham. Was it true?! Also ANDY PARKER tells a very disgusting story.Like Share review!Support Anna Mann's Comedy Shenanigans every friday get your ticket at eventbrite.comBook Anna at
  • 16. Why Orangutans Are Just Awful

    Anna Mann goes back through the mists of time to her one woman mission to save the orangutans, where she suffered terribly and ultimately decide they're actually awful. I think she may have crossed a line here and there's now going back. Plus she reminisces on the time she thought she'd married Charles Dance but hadn't. Please do subscribe, review and star us up.Book an Anna Mann zoom party, message or something else fun you can think of at colinhoultcomedy@gmail.comSupport us at or at ticket for The Death of Anna Mann at the online comedy festival And look out for new Colin Hoult AND Anna Mann online comedy shows coming to your laptop sooon