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  • 21. Turning A Semi-Boring Genre Of Tech Into Magic

    With everyone out on vacation, Ron Richards is the sole host but fear not, he's joined by some of the best in biz as Juan Bagnell and Tshaka Armstrong join the show to have a lively conversation despite it being a very slow news week.END OF YEAR BEST OF VOTING! Let us know your favorite moments of Android Faithful for our Best Of 2023 - submit them here: in this episode:NEWS: Google Drive users are missing data, Android 14 Screenshot API starts rolling out and Tshaka Armstrong shares some tips for making the holidays better thanks to Android. And the Patron News Pick of the week was that Google Cast control notifications now appear in the Android media playerHARDWARE: The OnePlus 12 is coming! And we get our first offical glimpse at the new phone thanks to OnePlus. Samsung Galaxy S24 photos have leaked showing a flat screen. Wal-Mart released the Onn. Streaming Stick for less than $15!APPS: Google Messages gets support for Ultra HDR images over RCSCOMMUNITY: Dave Carver writes in with practical developer experience coding apps for Amazon Fire TV as well as Google TV and Cory needs advice on what lower-budget phone to purchase next.Thanks to Juan Bagnell and Tshaka Armstrong for joining the show!

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  • 20. Thankful AF

    It's a special Thanksgiving edition of Android Faithful as longtime friend of the show JR Raphael of Android Intelligence joins Mishaal Rahman and Ron Richards to celebrate Apple adding RCS support and all the other roller coaster dramas of the last week in Android. PLUS special guest cameos at the end of the show as we share what we're thankful for.Featured in this episode:NEWS: Apple got the message! RCS is coming to iMessage, but Android users will still be green bubbles. Nothing's attempt to solve the iMessage problem blows up and both Nothing Chats and Sunbird get pulled from the Google Play Store. Mishaal breaks down Android 14 QPR2 Beta 1 and the Patron Pick is about how Google Pixel phones finally install system updates much faster.HARDWARE: The Samsung Galaxy S24 Announcement is coming on January 17, 2024 and the OnePlus 12 will be unveiled in China on December 4th. The next Google Pixel phone will support Qi2 magnetic wireless charging. The Snapdragon 7 Gen 3 and MediaTek Dimensity 8300 bring performance under the hood and Mishaal shares his adventures with the Android 14 Webcam feature and it's poor quality.APPS: OnePlus, OPPO, and Realme join Samsung in integrating Microsoft's Link to Windows app. WhatsApp backups on Android will soon start counting towards your Google Account's cloud storage limit. Google Photos library organization gets upgraded with AI (of course). And a clarification from last week as Huawei will keep Android app support for international devices.COMMUNITY: Huyen Tue Dao, Florence Ion and Jason Howell send in messages of what they're thankful for along with members of the Android Community: Robert from Alaska, CousinofJah, Bob Rissler and Rick Ankrum.Thanks to JR Raphael for joining us. Check out and sign up for Android Intelligence!
  • 19. Amazon Fires Android

    The longest episode of Android Faithful yet and it's a doozy! Mishaal Rahman, Huyen Tue Dao and Ron Richards are joined by Janko Roettgers of Lowpass to talk the Amazon/Android news plus a Huyen Dev rant, the Humane AI Pin and a ton more.Featured in this episode:NEWS: Janko Roettgers of Lowpass joins to discuss his scoop about Amazon developing their own OS to replace Android on their devices. Huawei is also ditching Android with HarmonyOS Next. Google Play Store makes some changes to support "High Quality" apps, but at what cost? Huyen has feelings. Google turns to the EU to help get Apple to support RCS while Nothing adds iMessage support to their phones. Black Friday deals are coming from Nothing and Google. More revelations from the Epic Games Vs. Google lawsuit. And we have a double patron pick with GBoard fixing landscape typing and Google's sweetheart deal offered to Netflix.HARDWARE: The Humane AI pin runs Android!?!? A sneak leak peek of the OnePlus Watch 2. Samsung getting onboard the AI train with the S24. Qualcomm and Iridium call it quits over satellite phones.APPS: Android 14 finally supports dual screen support for apps. Google Home gets AI and a new tiles screen.COMMUNITY: Issai, Linda, Brandon and Peter weigh in on Chrome tabs and Kevin from Pittsburgh has a tale of woe for hardware support from Google.Thanks to Janko Roettgers for joining us. Be sure to sign up for his newsletter at
  • 18. Is That A Tablet In Your Hammock Or...

    It's a packed episode of Android Faithful as Myriam Joire, aka Tnkgrl joins Mishaal Rahman, Huyen Tue Dao and Ron Richards for the latest in the world of Android in the past week, and this week there was a lot!Featured in this episode:NEWS: Sales numbers are DOWN for Google, Samsung and even Apple in the US, Epic Games Vs. Google gets underway in court, Apple almost released the Apple Watch for Android!?!? And the Patron Pick was all about the AI behind Google's Weather App Nowcast technology.HARDWARE: OnePlus is bringing OpenCanvas from the OnePlus Open to the OnePlus Pad and Myriam shares her thoughts on the OnePlus Open, Qualcomm confirms an Exynos-Snapdragon split on Samsung Galaxy S24s, the Mediatek Dimensity 9300 chipset arrives and Lenovo brings us tablet based fashion.APPS: Google Messages starts rolling out multi-device pairing, Shopping Lists move from Assistant back to Google Keep and Meta reveals Google won't bring Google Play to VR. COMMUNITY: Jeff is looking for recommendations for mid-range phones and Brandon wants to know how many tabs we all have open?Huge thanks to Myriam Joire for joining us this week, follow Myriam online and listen to the Mobile Tech podcast.
  • 17. Android 14's Dessert Is Actually Boot Loops

    It's a special Halloween edition of Android Faithful as Ron Richards, Mishaal Rahman, and Huyen Tue Dao get together to dodge trick or treaters and talk all things Android in the past week.Featured in this episode:NEWS: The latest in the Google Antitrust case and how it affects Android devices, Android version distribution chart updated by Google, Android 14 bug with multiple profiles and Play Store protection updates. The AF Patron Pick: The Pixel 8 Pro display leaps over Samsung and Apple in power efficiency HARDWARE: Xiaomi rolls out the Xiaomi 14 line with a phone, a watch and a washing machine and HyperOS. Motorola's latest prototype foldable is wrapping around wrists! The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 Retro edition is a nostalgia trip. The OnePlus Open is full of surprises like stylus support!APPS: Samsung Galaxy S23 Android 14 (One UI 6.0) starts it's roll out. Google's got some pretty cool, immersive updates to Maps and Google Wallet makes it easier to commute.COMMUNITY: Peter has a warning for beta users, Wil shows off his Camaro's phone set up, and Adam in San Diego sounds the alarm about a Google Nest Doorbell bug that's pretty major.
  • 16. OnePlus Open Your Wallet

    It's the core AF crew as Ron Richards, Mishaal Rahman, and Huyen Tue Dao talk foldables, messages, generative AI and all the other buzzwords of Android these days.Featured in this episode:NEWS: Some states now support IDs in Google Wallet and Huyen gave it a try, Android Safe Browsing is real and Repair Mode for Android may be coming. The Patron's Picked the news that Google may be integrating Assistant into a Glasses wearble (again)!HARDWARE: Hands on with the OnePlus Open and Mishaal and Ron both love the phone. It may be the best option for a folding form factor foldable and definitely worth the look. Mishaal breaks down the news coming out of the Snapdragon summit and the FCC opens up the 6ghz band.APPS: Google making apps on Foldables even better, WhatsApp supports multiple accounts and Google Messages makes multi-device access easier. Google Photos uses AI to make video highlights and now stores RAW. YouTube Music uses AI to make art for playlists.COMMUNITY: Eddie sends in his Photospheres, Mark also used Photospheres, Sam wants to know how to car mount a foldable, Hilton is having an issue with Android 14 betas, and Derrick loves Android 14 and the battery life.
  • 15. Does it Pass the Butt Test?

    Happy to welcome Michael Fisher, aka Mr. Mobile as our guest this week who joins Ron Richards, Mishaal Rahman, and Huyen Tue Dao as we show off the Pixel 8, Pixel 8 Pro and Pixel Watch 2 and talk foldables, Android 14 and more on Android Faithful!Featured in this episode:NEWS: Android 14 problems and some performance improvements, Nothing gets Android 14 and Xiaomi launches HyperOS, Mobile Carriers get a report card (Spoiler, yay T-Mobile), Patron Pick: Google retires Photo Sphere from the Camera AppHARDWARE: Hands on with the Pixel 8, Pixel 8 Pro and Pixel Watch 2, plus all the updates to the Pixels on the software side. Michael shares his experience with the hinge of the upcoming One Plus Open and gives us a glimpse of the Oppo Find N3 Flip AND the Motorola Razr 2023APPS: YouTube rolls out some updates to their app.COMMUNITY: Scott sends in his Subaru/Android Auto setupThanks to Michael Fisher for joining us. Find him on Threads @captain2phones and on YouTube at