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The CEO in Flow Podcast with Andrew Sillitoe

Ignite Your Expertise, Achieve Mastery and Find Your Flow

Season 7, Ep. 92
Ignite Your Expertise, Achieve Mastery and Find Your Flow

Be really good at what you’re good at.

Let’s start with a bold statement: The best athletes who compete at the top level know their skill set inside out. They understand their strengths and where they can add value to their teams. 

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  • 100. 6 Lessons I Learned About Visualisation for Sports That You Can Apply to Business

    6 Lessons I Learned About Visualisation for Sports That You Can Apply to BusinessIn this podcast, we will discuss the power of visualisation and how to shape your business and life to stay in flow. We will embark on a profound journey into the world of visualisation and its transformative potential for your businesses and life. As we approach the end of the year, as a leader, you would do well to tap into this remarkable tool.It might sound like I getting a bit metaphysical, but stay with me. Today, we'll explore the power of visualisation and its potential impact on your future. I've personally witnessed how this practice has shaped my life, both in sports and in business.
  • 99. 5 Essential Practices to Stay in Flow

    In the ever-demanding realm of modern business leadership, CEOs often find themselves juggling an avalanche of decisions and responsibilities that could make even a superhero's head spin. The constant whirlwind of pressure can leave anyone feeling like they've stumbled into a tornado of stress and burnout. Amidst the chaos, focusing on those long-term goals can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack.I this episode, I share 5 essential practices that will enable you to stay in flow.
  • 98. Be Intentional About Rest & 5 Ways to Power CEO Flow

    Flow and getting in the zone was my secret weapon, whether I was on the ice playing hockey, deeply immersed in a project, or captivating an audience through public speaking.But, like all powerful tools, flow has its pitfalls. For me, the side effect of such intense focus was exhaustion — a kind of weariness that seeped into my bones and left me drained, especially when I needed to switch gears and be present for my family.It's a familiar narrative for many high-achievers: giving every task, whether work or workout, a hundred per cent. When everything feels like it's set to the highest stakes, the pressure can be relentless. 
  • 97. Make Peace with the Game: A CEO’s Journey from Stress to Flow

    In the high-pressure business world, where every decision can make or break your company, the fear of failure and the stress of uncertain outcomes can often feel overwhelming. But what if I told you there’s a powerful way to cope with and thrive in this stress?As an international hockey player and now public speaker and coach, I’ve experienced the paralysing fear of failure firsthand. However, I’ve also discovered a transformative path that can help you move from the struggle of denial to the freedom of flow. Welcome to the world of “Make Peace with the Game.”
  • 96. Align Your Purpose and Passion with a Plan: The Holistic Path to CEO Flow

    Today, I'm going to talk about aligning your purpose and passion with a plan. It's a holistic path. To CEO flow. And when I say CEO, This is not just a title reserved for those at the helm of Fortune 500 companies. It's a role. It's a mindset. Whether you are an aspiring leader. For the top excellence of the corporate world. We're a solopreneur, carving out your unique path. You embodied the spirit of a CEO. You're in command. Steering your enterprise and, by extension, your life admits the intricate dance of complexity and uncertainty we all face. To manage the mist, navigate these challenges with foresight, adaptability, and resilience. Every decision, every action, every strategy. Is a Testament of your leadership. Not just in business but in life itself. And that's what I mean by flow. Because at the heart of this intricate dance lies the ability to synchronise your purpose. Andrew passion. And encapsulate them with a tangible, actionable 90-day plan. Because without the plan, it's just fluffy. Woo, woo stuff. Right? So to achieve this synchronisation, the concept of flow. Is essential. So, let's start by understanding the pitfalls of distraction and misaligned focus. I get it. I'm a business owner. I've walked the path of growing a business and leading teams, and the alert of the next big thing is intense. 
  • 95. How to Anticipate Your Triggers to Stay in Flow

    How can we remain consistently in Flow, ensuring peak performance? The answer lies in anticipating the triggers that divert us from our optimal state.During my early days as an athlete and later in my sales job, I was often caught off-guard by unforeseen disruptions that took me out of my groove. In this episode I share tips and tools to identify your triggers and stay in flow.
  • 94. Harness Your Brain Chemistry to Access Flow

    Have you ever had moments when the world falls away, and you’re entirely in the ‘now’? This isn’t just a fleeting feeling but a scientifically backed phenomenon known as ‘flow’, first identified by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi.When not managed effectively, the ‘mist’, comprised of internal and external triggers, clouds our clarity, disrupting the harmony of our mind and environment. I remember during hockey games, every pass and shot seemed effortless. I felt invincible. But there were games clouded by distractions and self-doubt. This experience I coined as the ‘mist’ in my book Managing The Mist.While flow emerges as the hero, guiding us towards unparalleled performance and blissful immersion, the mist is its formidable antagonist. 
  • 93. The Inseparable Bond Between Risk, Life & Flow

    Last week, I learned more about the profound connection between risk and life and the thread that runs through the very fabric of our existence.I had the privilege to spend 90 minutes talking with Geoff Trickey, a charted psychologist who it’s an honour to call my friend. We talked about risk, human psychology and peak performance.Geoff is the creator of Risk Type Compass. The design of the Risk Type Compass is striking in terms of (a) its psychological reasoning and (b) its technical test development perspective. It offers an innovative conceptualisation of personality related to risk perception, threat reaction, and propensity for risk-taking.