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And Why Not?


Season 6, Ep. 98

In which Stuart and Helena cut loose & celebrate 40 years of the Greatest Movie Ever Made...

Helena Edwardson (ArtNineTwo) returns to the pod - and the 1980s - as we discuss dancing, religion, the power of a dare to be great situation, the power of an angry dance, and the general awesomeness of Herbert Ross' 1984 classic; Footloose.



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  • 97. Ghostbusters (1984)

    In which Stuart & Damian celebrate 40 years of Bustin' making us feel good...Listen! You smell something?Damian Edwardson returns to the pod, as we celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the 1984 comedy gem; Ghostbusters.SPOILER WARNING (obviously) FOR GHOSTBUSTERS LINKS:ArtNineTwo: Twitter @artninetwo - Website - Facebook - YouTubeBonus Features - WebsiteAnd Why Not? - LinktreeAnd Why Not? Facebook Group - FacebookGhostbusters - IMDbTitle Music - Storytelling Man by Ruth's Curtain
  • 96. Jurassic Park

    In which Stuart & Bella consider endorsing a theme park... Stuart is joined by first time guest Bella Watches Films to discuss the 1993 Steven Spielberg Dino-blockbuster; Jurassic Park.SPOILER WARNING (obviously) for JURASSIC PARK LINKS:BellaWatchesFilms - Substack - Instagram - Tik Tok - ThreadsThe Film Magazine - WebsiteBonus Features - WebsiteAnd Why Not? Facebook Group -  FacebookAnd Why Not? - LinktreeJurassic Park: IMDbTitle Music - Welcome To Jurassic Park by John Williams
  • 95. Tomorrow Never Dies

    In which Stuart, Rob & Matt discover Tomorrows news today...Stuart is joined by his fellow Bond (and Lois & Clark) fans Matt Truex & Rob O'Connor, as they discuss the 1997 Pierce Brosnan Bond film; Tomorrow Never Dies.SPOILER WARNING (obviously) for TOMORROW NEVER DIES LINKS:Rob - Twitter @TheGothamiteAll-Star SuperFan - PodBean - Twitter @allstarsuperpod - FacebookAlways Hold On To DC's Legends Of Tomorrow - WebsiteLois & Clark'd: The New Podcast Of Superman - Soundcloud - Facebook - Twitter - Instagram - WebsiteDaily Knock Off - WebsiteBonus Features - WebsiteAnd Why Not? Facebook Group -  FacebookAnd Why Not? - LinktreeTomorrow Never Dies: IMDbTitle Music - Tomorrow Never Dies by Sheryl Crow
  • 94. The Mask

    In which Stuart & Andy get a little green in the face…Andy Clift returns to the podcast, as we celebrate 30 years of the 1994 Jim Carrey comic book comedy; The Mask.SPOILER WARNING (obviously) for THE MASKLINKS -Andy - Twitter @andyWclift - Website - ToyBlog - InstaGram - EddsworldBonus Features - WebsiteAnd Why Not? Facebook Group:  FacebookAnd Why Not?: LinktreeThe Mask: IMDbTitle Music - Cuban Pete by Jim Carrey
  • 93. Happy Death Day 2U

    In which Stuart & Tom find themselves back in the time-loop, but with a multi-verse twist... Just when they thought they were out, Stuart & Tom Stewart find themselves back in the time-loop, and head into the multiverse as they take a look at the 2019 horror/sci-fi/comedy sequel; Happy Death Dey 2U.SPOILER WARNING (obviously) FOR HAPPY DEATH DAY 2U and CUBE 2: HYPERCUBELINKS -That Comic Smell - LinktreeDog Walker Tom - InstagramBonus Features - WebsiteAnd Why Not? - LinktreeAnd Why Not? Facebook Group - FacebookHappy Death Day 2U - IMDbTitle Music - Over & Over by Hot Chip
  • 92. 12 Monkeys

    In which Stuart & Ross unpack monkey time…Time-Loop Month gets all GilliamEsque as it comes to a close, with Ross Beamish returning to the pod to discuss 1995s Twelve Monkeys.SPOILER WARNING (obviously) FOR TWELVE MONKEYS and BRAZILLINKS -Bonus Features - WebsiteAnd Why Not? - LinktreeAnd Why Not? Facebook Group - Facebook12 Monkeys - IMDbTitle Music - Over & Over by Hot Chip
  • 91. Happy Death Day

    In which Stuart & Tom are dying to solve the mystery…Time Loop month takes a murderous turn, as Tom Stewart returns to the pod to discuss the 2017 horror comedy; Happy Death Day.SPOILER WARNING (obviously) HAPPY DEATH DAYLINKS -That Comic Smell - LinktreeBonus Features - WebsiteAnd Why Not? - LinktreeAnd Why Not? Facebook Group - FacebookHappy Death Day - IMDbTitle Music - Over And Over by Hot Chip
  • 90. Palm Springs

    In which Stuart & Stacey seek their Irvine...Time-Loop month continues, as Stacey Taylor returns to the pod to discuss the 2020 comedy; Palm Springs.SPOILER WARNING (obviously) FOR PALM SPRINGSAt the time of posting, Palm Springs is available in the UK to sream on Prime Video.LINKS -Stacey's Parlour - LinktreeNeverSeenPod - PodBeanStace & Barry In The Morning - WebsiteBonus Features - WebsiteAnd Why Not? Facebook Group -  FacebookPalm Springs - IMDbTitle Music - Storytelling Man by Ruth's Curtain