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And Why Not?

Ghostbusters (1984)

Season 6, Ep. 97

In which Stuart & Damian celebrate 40 years of Bustin' making us feel good...

Listen! You smell something?

Damian Edwardson returns to the pod, as we celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the 1984 comedy gem; Ghostbusters.



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  • 98. Footloose

    In which Stuart and Helena cut loose & celebrate 40 years of the Greatest Movie Ever Made... Helena Edwardson (ArtNineTwo) returns to the pod - and the 1980s - as we discuss dancing, religion, the power of a dare to be great situation, the power of an angry dance, and the general awesomeness of Herbert Ross' 1984 classic; Footloose.SPOILER WARNING FOR FOOTLOOSE (obviously) LINKS:ArtNineTwo: Twitter @artninetwo - Website - Facebook - YouTubeBonus Features - WebsiteAnd Why Not? - LinktreeAnd Why Not? Facebook Group - FacebookFootloose - IMDbTitle Music - Holding Out For A Hero by Bonnie Tyler
  • 96. Jurassic Park

    In which Stuart & Bella consider endorsing a theme park... Stuart is joined by first time guest Bella Watches Films to discuss the 1993 Steven Spielberg Dino-blockbuster; Jurassic Park.SPOILER WARNING (obviously) for JURASSIC PARK LINKS:BellaWatchesFilms - Substack - Instagram - Tik Tok - ThreadsThe Film Magazine - WebsiteBonus Features - WebsiteAnd Why Not? Facebook Group -  FacebookAnd Why Not? - LinktreeJurassic Park: IMDbTitle Music - Welcome To Jurassic Park by John Williams
  • 95. Tomorrow Never Dies

    In which Stuart, Rob & Matt discover Tomorrows news today...Stuart is joined by his fellow Bond (and Lois & Clark) fans Matt Truex & Rob O'Connor, as they discuss the 1997 Pierce Brosnan Bond film; Tomorrow Never Dies.SPOILER WARNING (obviously) for TOMORROW NEVER DIES LINKS:Rob - Twitter @TheGothamiteAll-Star SuperFan - PodBean - Twitter @allstarsuperpod - FacebookAlways Hold On To DC's Legends Of Tomorrow - WebsiteLois & Clark'd: The New Podcast Of Superman - Soundcloud - Facebook - Twitter - Instagram - WebsiteDaily Knock Off - WebsiteBonus Features - WebsiteAnd Why Not? Facebook Group -  FacebookAnd Why Not? - LinktreeTomorrow Never Dies: IMDbTitle Music - Tomorrow Never Dies by Sheryl Crow
  • 94. The Mask

    In which Stuart & Andy get a little green in the face…Andy Clift returns to the podcast, as we celebrate 30 years of the 1994 Jim Carrey comic book comedy; The Mask.SPOILER WARNING (obviously) for THE MASKLINKS -Andy - Twitter @andyWclift - Website - ToyBlog - InstaGram - EddsworldBonus Features - WebsiteAnd Why Not? Facebook Group:  FacebookAnd Why Not?: LinktreeThe Mask: IMDbTitle Music - Cuban Pete by Jim Carrey
  • 93. Happy Death Day 2U

    In which Stuart & Tom find themselves back in the time-loop, but with a multi-verse twist... Just when they thought they were out, Stuart & Tom Stewart find themselves back in the time-loop, and head into the multiverse as they take a look at the 2019 horror/sci-fi/comedy sequel; Happy Death Dey 2U.SPOILER WARNING (obviously) FOR HAPPY DEATH DAY 2U and CUBE 2: HYPERCUBELINKS -That Comic Smell - LinktreeDog Walker Tom - InstagramBonus Features - WebsiteAnd Why Not? - LinktreeAnd Why Not? Facebook Group - FacebookHappy Death Day 2U - IMDbTitle Music - Over & Over by Hot Chip
  • 92. 12 Monkeys

    In which Stuart & Ross unpack monkey time…Time-Loop Month gets all GilliamEsque as it comes to a close, with Ross Beamish returning to the pod to discuss 1995s Twelve Monkeys.SPOILER WARNING (obviously) FOR TWELVE MONKEYS and BRAZILLINKS -Bonus Features - WebsiteAnd Why Not? - LinktreeAnd Why Not? Facebook Group - Facebook12 Monkeys - IMDbTitle Music - Over & Over by Hot Chip
  • 91. Happy Death Day

    In which Stuart & Tom are dying to solve the mystery…Time Loop month takes a murderous turn, as Tom Stewart returns to the pod to discuss the 2017 horror comedy; Happy Death Day.SPOILER WARNING (obviously) HAPPY DEATH DAYLINKS -That Comic Smell - LinktreeBonus Features - WebsiteAnd Why Not? - LinktreeAnd Why Not? Facebook Group - FacebookHappy Death Day - IMDbTitle Music - Over And Over by Hot Chip
  • 90. Palm Springs

    In which Stuart & Stacey seek their Irvine...Time-Loop month continues, as Stacey Taylor returns to the pod to discuss the 2020 comedy; Palm Springs.SPOILER WARNING (obviously) FOR PALM SPRINGSAt the time of posting, Palm Springs is available in the UK to sream on Prime Video.LINKS -Stacey's Parlour - LinktreeNeverSeenPod - PodBeanStace & Barry In The Morning - WebsiteBonus Features - WebsiteAnd Why Not? Facebook Group -  FacebookPalm Springs - IMDbTitle Music - Storytelling Man by Ruth's Curtain