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  • 9. LIVE from Stockholm Climate Week - Bonus Episode

    In a bonus live episode recorded at Stockholm Climate Week, Gail, Loyiso, and their guests examined how value-based innovation, supported by the 17 Global Goals, can unlock exponential solutions for both people and the planet. They explored how such innovation can help accelerate the necessary systemic changes to address the climate crisis. The episode featured a range of guests, including Sarah Hunter from the Advanced Research and Invention Agency, Bengt Rittri from the Bluewater Group, and Maya Rebermark from Future Earth who provided insights into system change and climate innovation from a climate policy perspective. Michael Smith from Regeneration VC, Sian Sutherland from PlasticFree, Dominique Souris, a social entrepreneur and climate activist, and Frances Simpson-Allen from Ebb Carbon then discussed how design and product-led innovation can drive climate action and facilitate scaling of impact towards system change.

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  • 8. Let’s come together so we don’t fall apart

    In the final episode of this season, Gail and Loyiso look at Goal 17, Partnerships for the Goals. They ask what the ingredients are of a good partnership and find out which sectors are working together to make a positive impact.They are joined by two SDG ambassadors who have been campaigning for the Goals since their inception. Dr Alaa Murabit and filmmaker and campaigner, Richard Curtis bring their wealth of experience to the table and share some encouraging examples of successful collaborations. Alaa highlights the importance of seeing who holds power in the room, and Richard shares why he's optimistic that the match could be won in the second half.Guests:Alaa Murabit, Medical doctor, UN High-Level Commissioner on Health, Employment, and Economic Growth, and Director of Global Programs, Advocacy, and Communications at the Gates Foundation.Richard Curtis, Writer, director, campaigner and co-founder of Comic Relief and Project Everyone. For more:
  • 7. We need to talk about Money

    The fight to eradicate extreme poverty has been fought for years. But despite this, over 700 million people still survive on less than $2.15 a day. So is it time we talk about cash? In this episode Gail and Loyiso dive deep into the Global Goal to end poverty (Goal 1). They are joined by two of the most exciting speakers in this field. Rory Stewart is the President of GiveDirectly, a fast growing nonprofit that is revolutionising the aid sector by allowing donors to send money directly to those in need, with no strings attached. Rutger Bregman is a historian and bestselling author and has been at the forefront of an equally simple, evidence-based solution: Universal Basic Income. Guests:Rory Stewart, President of GiveDirectly, host of 'The Rest is Politics', former politician and diplomat. Rutger Bregman, Historian and author of New York Times Bestsellers 'Humankind' and 'Utopia for Realists'. For more:
  • 6. Nurturing Nature

    Protecting life on land means protecting ourselves. Natural ecosystems are the best technology to help feed populations, cool the planet, provide fresh water and clean the air we breathe. But our biodiversity is under severe threat. Globally, over 1.2 million plant and animal species are predicted to face extinction in the coming decades. Experts now believe we’re in the midst of a ‘sixth mass extinction’,  the first in Earth’s history to be driven primarily by human activity.In this episode Gail and Loyiso ponder the wonderful services nature provides and take a closer look at the Global Goal to protect life on land (Goal 15). They ask renowned conservationist Gerardo Ceballos, who is credited with spearheading the first Endangered Species Act of Mexico, how we can halt the loss of biodiversity, and hear from indigenous activist Archana Soreng, why it all starts with considering ourselves as being part of nature itself. Guests:Gerardo Ceballos, Ecologist and conservationist, Professor at the University of Mexico and co-founder of Creatures United.Archana Soreng, Indigenous climate activist and Member of the United Nations Secretary General's Youth Advisory Group.For more:  
  • 5. Why Mental Health matters

    The pandemic severely disrupted health services and derailed progress towards ending HIV, tuberculosis and malaria. It also triggered an increase in the prevalence of anxiety and depression, contributing to an already growing mental health crisis. 1 in 5 adults experience mental illness every year, and nearly half of all adults will experience it at some point in their lives. In this episode, Gail and Loyiso dive deep into the often-overlooked topic of mental health when discussing the Global Goal to good health and well-being (Goal 3). They speak with Will Poulter and Alex Holmes about their anti-bullying campaign and what might be contributing to skyrocketing rates of anxiety in young people and men, and they are joined by Sutton King to learn about mental health issues in urban indigenous communities and how plant medicines or psychedelics can offer a potential solution, as long as we learn from past mistakes.Guests:Will Poulter, BAFTA award-winning actor and Anti-Bullying Ambassador for the Diana Award.Alex Holmes, Founder of the Anti Bullying Ambassadors programme and Deputy CEO of The Diana Award. Sutton King, Indigenous rights activist, co-founder and President of the Urban Indigenous Collective, and Program Manager of Engagement at the Indigenous Medicine Conservation Fund For more: 
  • 4. How do we design a better world?

    Our cities are inherently unequal by design. They were often designed by tall, white, able bodied men. So what have they overlooked? Can we reduce inequality by designing a better world?  In this episode Gail and Loyiso explore the Global Goal to reduce inequality (Goal 5) and are joined by famous youtuber Molly Burke, who happens to be blind and has a load of helpful tips for designing better accessibility offline and online. And architect turned big thinker Indy Johar calls for a fundamental overhaul of an old system that perpetuates inequalities in all its forms. Guests:Molly Burke, Speaker, Digital Creator, Author, and Advocate.  Indy Johar, Architect, co-founder of project00 and Dark Matter Labs.For more information go to
  • 3. Women Reclaiming the Narrative

    Ending all discrimination and violence against women and girls is not only a human rights issue, it’s crucial to achieving a more peaceful and sustainable world. In March we highlight and celebrate women’s stories on ‘International Women’s Day’ and during ‘Women’s History Month’, because it’s through stories that we understand their perspectives and experiences, and reshape the world. In this episode Gail and Loyiso look at the Global Goal to achieve gender equality (Goal 5) and are joined by three storytellers. Author and podcaster Janet Mbugua explains why we need to talk about periods, journalist Zahra Joya ensures Afghan women’s stories don’t go untold, and activist Gina Martin engages boys into the conversation about gender.Guests: Janet Mbugua, Media personality, founder of Inua Dada foundation, author of ‘My First Time’ and host of ‘My First Time Stories’.Zahra Joya, Journalist and founder of Rukhshana Media.Gina Martin, Gender equality activist, speaker, author of ‘Be The Change : A Toolkit for the Activist in You’ and ambassador for Beyond Equality.For more: