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Alpha Blokes Podcast

Ep.71 Whiskey Dick

Season 2, Ep. 41

The wedding is closing in fast and Tommy has a big announcement so we gave the Whiskey a pounding. Finally had a bit of time on our hands to sit back, have a drink and discuss the upcoming events in our life, enjoy!

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  • 64. Ep. 263 - Trendsetter Talkback

    A few reigning champion yarnsman return to the trendsetter ring! Some legends we haven't heard from in ages come in to fire up, and Tommy has a proper rough job picking the winning yarn as the trendsetters are on an absolute roll! Will we crown another double champ? Ubers, what truckies have seen on the road and some pre biffing energy steams across the flats before we take a tour on Australia's most visited glory holes. Enjoy trendsetters! Got a yarn? Record it and email it to - Intro1:28 - Knuckles Proper True Yarn5:48 - Tim Naki 9:50 - Carry Ons1:04:10 - Winning Yarn
  • 63. Ep. 262 - Runnin' On Fumes

    We won't lie to ya, we've been biting off more than we can chew and chewing like absolute f*ck. The boys still always show up despite a lot of exhaustion happening on the flats recently. We run through a great weekend nonetheless, including our chat with Buttsmarn, his live show, putting Danny Grant on a bull and catching up with our good mate Brad Cox, we've had some legends come through HQ this weekend! After wrapping, we finally announce that we've got a new headquarters and what our plans will be for it. This leads us to some Pizza action during Cooking With Daddy and a major focus on one of the greatest moments in UFC history during the Alpha News. Max Holloway features heavily in motivation before we look at some new made up sports that have been peeling the flats recently, including a fan favourite, Car-Jitsu. Hope you legends have a fantastic week as we begin to creep even closer to the big one, The Podcast Royale. Enjoy trendsetters!0:00 - Buttsmarn Live Show, Bull Riding and Brad Cox27:00 - New Alpha Blokes HQ33:01 - Cooking With Daddy36:58 - Alpha News45:01 - UFC 3001:03:40 - Motivation1:06:21 - Silent Discos
  • 62. Ep. 261 - Isaac "The Buttsmarn" Butterfield

    Dubbed as Australia's most controversial comedian, Isaac "The Buttsmarn" Butterfield joins us for a yarn. Whilst on his regional tour, Isaac had a show in Gladstone and was generous enough to chew the fat with us for an hour and a half. We dive straight in to content creation on socials and the online space and how Isaac has grown his channels whilst remaining true to his comedy style, including the jokes that got him "cancelled". We run his Stand Up style, how becoming a Father has changed his life whilst touring and a couple of hilarious yarns about some of his wildest times on stage (and in a bus). To finish off, we discuss his plans for the regional tour he is currently on, travelling to Austin last year to meet the team at the Comedy Mothership and then finally what drove him to become an Author and write his book, Better Man. We're super grateful the Buttsmarn dropped in for a yarn. Enjoy trendsetters!You can check out the rest of Isaac's regional tour and also buy a copy of his book, Better Man, via the link here: - Comedy & Content Creation15:50 - TikTok, YouTube & Podcasts23:40 - Stand Up30:24 - Future Plans, UFC and Twitter40:26 - Becoming a Father46:00 - Marrying your best mate55:40 - Footy Bus 1:01:10 - Regional Touring1:09:30 - Comedy Mothership, Meeting Joe Rogan1:20:40 - Writing a Book
  • 61. Ep. 260 - Trendsetter Talkback

    Anteaters, Brekky in Prison, Cam gets a call from a scammer and some rip snortin’ energy from the trendsetters in this weeks instalment of Talkback. This one is an absolute belter, diving into how many licks per minute (LPM) some crazy critters can achieve on the flats and proper wheezing laughs from the energy you legends bought to the table. A couple of announcements in the beginning of this one to, enjoy legends!Got a yarn? Record it and send it through via email to - Intro2:08 - Knuckles Proper True Yarn5:50 - Where’s Tez?11:59 - Carry On’s1:03:50 - Winning Yarn
  • 60. Ep. 259 - Cross Threaded Camping

    ABC - Aircons Back C*nts. The studio is cold enough to dry age a beast as hoody season is approaching. We kick things off with a rundown of the fight card of the Podcast Royale and more details of the event as we begin to close in on the big night in less than three weeks time. Tommy runs us through his weekend away at Stanage, which makes us question how blind you have to be to get in to your rooftop tent. Cooking With Daddy covers the Beer Can Chicken the boys nailed on the weekend, potentially making the moistest chook you’ll ever gnaw on. The Hard Geezer is a hot topic as we run through his story and him finishing his run across Africa in the Alpha News, a couple of motivational clips and some great questions from the Trendsetters to wrap up the show. Big week at HQ this week with some ripper guests coming up. Enjoy legends!Bought to you by Better Beer Zero Carb: - Intro1:30 - Podcast Royale8:30 - Tommy’s Trip to Stanage24:54 - Cooking With Daddy32:06 - Alpha News44:27 - Motivation48:00 - Trendsetters, Toasties and Tommy’s Joke
  • 59. Ep. 258 - Trendsetter Talkback

    Easter blowups, eating cereal in the car and dealing with the toddlers "no" phase, this instalment of talkback has it all, including plenty of side splitting laughs! Was exactly what we needed after punching each other at sparrows fart this morning. The yarns from the trendsetters near and far continue to increase in premium quality as Tom had an absolute sh*tter of a job picking the winning yarn. Enjoy legends!Got a yarn? Keep it under 2 minutes, record it and email the file to the Back of Fez's Episode this week, we have just published a Guinea Pig, Biffing and BBQin' vlog on Patreon. Become an Exclusive Trendsetter and get access to all our vlogs, visual and uncut episodes of the podcast and many more here: - Intro2:25 - Knuckles Proper True Yarn7:00 - Carry Ons59:55 - Winning Yarn
  • 58. Ep. 257 - Conjoined Twins and Easter Tins

    Rocking up on Easter Monday to deliver the yarns to your ears after pounding tins and choccy all weekend. We dive into Cam's stint at Rockynats before we run through what a CQ Easter Bunny would actually look like and the hessian sack slide ride at every Aussie carnie setup. A few yarns about learning instruments at school leads us to rank our favourite instruments before we run through some Tomahawk action in Cooking With Daddy. One of the most requested news stories gets covered thoroughly on the Alpha News desk before some laughs and great perspective chat in motivation and running through some content in the trendsetters group. Another jam packed week planned for us here as the biff begins to poke its head around the corner. Hope you all have a ripper week legends, rip in!Bought to you by Better Beer Zero Carb: - Easter9:19 - Cam at Rockynats32:10 - Musical Instruments39:45 - Cooking With Daddy46:28 - Alpha News1:13:12 - Motivation1:20:12 - Trendsetters & Wrap Up
  • 57. Ep. 256 - Fez The Free Range Pig Farmer

    The one you've all been waiting for. Fez, The Free Range Pig Farmer, joins us for a 3 and a half hour yarn. Well overdue this one, we kick off with what we've all been up too together on his visit here and then dive straight into how our relationship all began: our callout to Guinea Pigs and Fez's return serve as a salt of the earth free range guineapigman. In the first hour, this leads to how he started the hobby farm, the variety of animals on there and the weirdest critters his ever seen in his experience as an all around wildlife carer in Gippsland thus far. The second hour kicks us off with his normal 9-5, how he got his trade, the reasons why he's stuck to it for so long (except for the time he had a stint as a stripper) and his career in country footy before travelling Europe and participating in Pamplona, the great bull run in Spain. The final third of the yarn we finish off with his other hobbies, including his love for fishing, Go-Pro and drone filmography and how these resulted in some rather negative experiences in traditional media, but then turned around to one of the largest growing positive social media presences in the past couple of years with his adventures with his family on the hobby farm. Was an absolute honour to get this man on the couch, and as we said, it won't be the last. Enjoy trendsetters! 0:00 - Intro2:30 - Tato6:10 - Fez's Trip to CQ23:34 - Starting the Farm34:05 - Variety of Animals43:50 - Most interesting animal Fez has seen51:30 - Sparky career, getting his trade1:01:30 - Footy Career1:11:15 - Stint as a stripper1:30:16 - Shark Fishing1:42:50 - The Great Bull Run1:58:16 - Traditional Media Experiences2:08:10 - Social Media Experiences & Growth2:30:16 - Other side hobbies2:58:22 - Plane crash3:06:11 - Rub n' Tugs3:11:04 - Guest Questions
  • 56. Ep. 255 - Trendsetter Talkback

    Frosties, Debating, Limericks and custom guitar solos, another ripper instalment of talkback ready to pepper your ears! This was definitely what we needed to pick our spirits up off the couch with some cracking yarns that made us belly laugh, such as why the hell do junkies wear hoodies? Hope you legends steam into a great easter weekend. Enjoy!0:00 - Intro2:20 - Knuckles Proper True Yarn5:40 - Easter Weekend Plans10:10 - Carry Ons1:06:10 - Winning Yarn