After Work Drinks

After Work Drinks is a (pop)cultural commentary podcast hosted by freelance journalists and former magazine editors Isabelle Truman and Grace O'Neill.

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  • You messy

    It's a smooth brain eppy this week girls because of the sun and the moon and the ladies' mental health being tested. Up this week: trying to do morning pages, Rihanna on the cover of Interview Magazine, the solar eclipse, Miranda Kerr and a hot chip, and getting Polly spayed.

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  • Furniture Shopping

    G wedding updates, the return of Country Road bags, new season movie recommendations including All Of Us Strangers, GQ's Hunter Schafer cover story, Hunter x Rosalia dating confirmation, and a deep dive on Cowboy Carter.
  • A Star Is Born

    Pimple patches, Izzy ran a marathon, a Kate Middleton mea culpa & long-winding conversation about where the blame lies, plus Jonathan Haidt's viral Atlantic piece on the link between smart phones and depression, anxiety, loneliness, sexlessness etc. and Magdalene J. Taylor's 'It's Obviously The Phones' Substack.
  • Lobotomy

    On the line-up today: Birthday blues, the benefits of keeping a calendar, being robbed of our sexy years during Covid, Nara Smith and the fetishisation of tradwives, the never-ending childcare conundrum, a hatred of technology, yearning for the era of Jane Austen, and we get started on American Riviera Orchard Montecito.Listen to our full discussion on Meghan Markle's lifestyle brand on Patreon, released Saturday March 23rd.
  • High Heel Princess

    A big AWD deep dive on all things Oscars: red carpet bests and worsts, Emma Stone's win, are the Oscars relevant? stylists fighting in @checkthetag's comments, Kendall Jenner in The Margiela Look, we finally address Paul Mescal running rumours, Izzy interviews Pamela Anderson, and we get started on the Kate Middleton photoshop scandal.Listen to our full debrief on the Royal Photoshop-Gate on Patreon.
  • Making A Magazine

    Grace's first issue as Editor-In-Chief of ELLE Australia is out on Monday (buy it girlies!) so we discuss the making of the mag and answer a few of your work qs, then it's onto The Row's no-phone policy at their fashion show (chic or shithouse?) and, briefly, all the celebs who declined JLo's movie
  • Laptop In The Fridge

    We discuss NYFW comedowns, Kristen Stewart's Rolling Stone cover, a new must-watch movie (here), Paloma's The Cut essay on size diversity, and we review the JLO movie.