Adventure in Atacama


This is Adventure in Atacama!

Season 1, Ep. 0

A flight attendant, a retired pilot and a luchador must find a missing marine biologist to save the world from a “proverbial” apocalypse - that is, IF YOU CAN HELP THEM DO IT! Welcome to Adventure in Atacama, an audio game where you decide what happens to the heroes!

Start playing on April 25th, 2022, wherever you listen to podcasts.


Mariela Pérez Treviño, the flight attendant: María Paula Carreño

Fernando: Ricardo Méndez

Lucho: Daniel Toro

Narrator: Mika Nivola


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Executive producer: Lory Martínez

Story by: Lory Martínez, Maru Lombardo, Jeremías Juárez, Luis López and Chiara Santella

Lead Scriptwriter: Maru Lombardo

Lead Sound Designer: Luis López

Sound Design and Score: Luis López, Jeremías Juárez and Chiara Santella

Production Manager: Catalina Hoyos Vélez

Social Media and Promotion: Lisha López and Lucía Ríos

Art by: William Guevara

Web Page: David Momodu

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