Adventure in Atacama


Episode 3: Cabin Secure

Season 1, Ep. 3

This is Mariela Pérez Treviño's life… until now.

Are you still there? I have no idea how you got to this podcast purgatory but if you want to keep going, you’ll have to go back to Episode 11: The Gilligan Lifeboat, Episode 14: Evacuation Procedure or Episode 26: Airplane Mode for more endings to this story.


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Adventure in Atacama, an audio game from the creative minds at Studio Ochenta


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Our production team: 


  • Executive Producer: Lory Martínez 
  • Story by: Lory Martínez, Maru Lombardo, Jeremías Juárez, Luis López and Chiara Santella 
  • Lead Scriptwriter: Maru Lombardo 
  • Lead Sound Designer: Luis López 
  • Sound Design Team: Luis López, Jeremías Juárez and Chiara Santella 
  • Production Management: Catalina Hoyos
  • Social Media and Promotion: Lisha López and Lucía Ríos
  • Art by: William Guevara
  • Web Page: David Momodu

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