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  • 82. 82. Things that I would say to my younger self (as someone who just turned 27!)

    As I celebrate 27 years of life, I find myself reflecting on the journey that brought me here. To our younger selves: you are stronger than you realize, more capable than you give yourself credit for, and more deserving of love and kindness than you may believe. Embrace your mistakes as lessons, your setbacks as opportunities for growth, and your dreams as worthy pursuits. Trust in your intuition, cherish your relationships, and never underestimate the power of resilience and perseverance. Life will test you, challenge you, and sometimes even break you, but remember, it's in the mending that you find your strength. So, hold on to hope, stay true to yourself, and keep moving forward, for the best is yet to come. For FREEBIES, go to Follow us on Instagram: @adultingmillennialsph and @janinemariel_
  • 81. 81. Just Goal Digger Things

    Dream big, set goals, take action, and keep showing up for yourself. For FREEBIES, go to Follow us on Instagram: @adultingmillennialsph and @janinemariel_
  • 79. 80. Why is Financial Planning Important?

    From setting achievable goals to smart investing and securing your future, this bite-sized episode provides practical insights and tips. Tune in for a roadmap to financial success and gain the confidence to navigate your financial journey. For FREEBIES, go to us on Instagram: @adultingmillennialsph and@janinemariel_
  • 79. Debunking Credit Card Misconceptions

    Credit cards themselves are not inherently bad, but how they are used can influence their impact on your financial health. When used responsibly, credit cards offer benefits such as convenience, rewards, and the opportunity to build a positive credit history. However, if mismanaged, credit cards can lead to high-interest debt, negatively impacting your finances. For FREEBIES, go to Follow us on Instagram: @adultingmillennialsph and @janinemariel_
  • 78. 78. Investing in an Environment that Nurtures your Personal Growth

    For FREEBIES, go to us on Instagram: @adultingmillennialsph and@janinemariel_To learn more about Camella's journey, visit, and follow Camella's official social media pages on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok to stay updated and be a part of the Camella story.
  • 77. 77. Building Healthy Habits

    Building healthy habits is the key to a happier and more productive life. In this podcast episode, we’ll share bite-sized insights and actionable tips to help you cultivate positive routines effortlessly. From morning rituals to mindful practices, join us in creating a lifestyle that fosters well-being, resilience, and lasting change. Elevate your habits, transform your life—tune in for quick dose of inspiration on your journey to a healthier you.For FREEBIES, go to us on Instagram: @adultingmillennialsph and@janinemariel_