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Adam Richard Has A Theory

WhoDis Theory 24 (Rogue 3)

Season 21, Ep. 926

Adam tries to figure out who Mrs Merridew is, has a theory about why it might not be Susan and looks forward to a surprise flashback episode after seeing the trailer at the end of the latest Doctor Who episode, Rogue, starring Ncuti Gatwa and Millie Gibson.

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  • 948. Theory 948 (Empire of Death 14)

    Kim has sent an email about the Doctor Who finale 'Empire of Death' starring Ncuti Gatwa and Millie Gibson, which causes a tangent about weird names being yelled out by baristas.
  • 947. Theory 947 (Empire of Death 13)

    Adam manages to spend half an episode talking about the choice of a single word in the title of the Doctor Who finale 'Empire of Death.'
  • 946. Theory 946 (Empire of Death 12)

    Are all these gods in Doctor Who, and the power of belief, a comment on religion? 
  • 945. Theory 945 (Empire of Death 11)

    After some detective work to find out what episode was on in Birmingham in the eighties, Adam wonders about the deification of aliens and cultural appropriation in the recent Doctor Who finale 'Empire of Death.'
  • 944. Theory 944

    Adam rambles about a Big Finish announcement, a classic episodes rewatch and hears about Doctor Who turning up in other TV shows.
  • 943. Theory 943 (Empire of Death 10)

    Adam extends his theory about Sutekh in the TARDIS and stumbles across a reason for the more emotional portrayal by Ncuti Gatwa in the latest series of Doctor Who.
  • 942. Theory 942 (Empire of Death 9)

    A theory about the Doctor Who finale 'Empire of Death' that asks who Mrs. Flood actually is and wonders if Ruby's happy ending is just a bit too happy.
  • 941. Theory 941 (Empire of Death 8)

    Adam digs into some more thoughts and theories about the finale to the latest series of Doctor Who starring Ncuti Gatwa and Millie Gibson, and even more ethical quandaries make themselves apparent, which somehow goes off into other shows like Star Trek and The Expanse.
  • 940. Theory 940 (Empire of Death 7)

    Adam deals with some questions raised in previous episodes about dusty continents and the ethics surrounding adoption and workplace romances in Doctor Who. Grab a copy of Troy Hunter's new book Gus and the Missing Boy and see Troy and Adam in conversation at Better Read than Dead in Newtown, NSW on July 10th.