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  • 13. We do love our kids

    Back in the studio in Auckland, the Ad Dads give an update on their trip home and what's happening in Season 3.

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  • 12. Surprise parade

    London threw us a party on our last day, it was a bit gay. We loved it.
  • 11. Last night

    Our last full day in London, a few more catch-ups and getting ready to go.
  • 10. A man from your past

    A fun day catching up with Charlotte and Sian. East London Massive! Boom Selecta!
  • 9. Authentic horseshit

    Today was a great day at #DMWF. Awesome to chat to Christian from Steel Warriors, Suzy from Smurfit, and Nataliia from the University of Exeter. Just remember people be authentic!
  • 8. Hasa Diga Eebowai

    A big digital marketing conference, a prince and some missionaries. What else is there to say?
  • 7. Running red lights

    Another big day in Blighty. Meet up with a grad who's worked in both the US and UK (shout out to Megan at the Duke of York). Dan gets excited about his old stomping ground and we head into D&AD to check out the manaakitanga pencil.