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  • A Prison’s Guide To…Taking The Leap

    Taking the leap can be terrifying. Whether that’s a new career choice, or a new direction in life. So we spoke to some experts about it.Across the prison service, you’ll find countless stories of staff whose careers started with a brave step into the unknown. In our final episode, we’re hearing from these people.Prison officers, former prisoners and trainee psychologists all explain how to harness self-belief and quiet down the self-doubt that prevents us from trying something new. Find and apply for jobs in the Prison Service:

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  • A Prison’s Guide To…Work Mates

    If you want to know how to build a well-oiled team and create a positive culture at work, we’ve got a guide for you. We hear from prison officers and a former prisoner, who share with us stories of camaraderie, togetherness and teamwork. They explain how even in a challenging environment, there are many ways we can build thriving relationships and work together to support one another.Find and apply for jobs in the Prison Service:
  • A Prison’s Guide To…Conflict Resolution.

    If you’ve ever wanted to know how to deescalate volatile situations, or even just spot hostility before it flares up, then we’ve got some valuable lessons for you.In this episode we hear from people with first hand experience of dealing with conflict resolution from inside a prison, from a Physical Education instructor to a former prisoner and a forensic psychologist. They explain the lessons that a life in the prison service has taught them when it comes to managing hostility. Find and apply for jobs in the Prison Service:
  • A Prison’s Guide To…Second Chances

    Second chances, we’ve probably all asked for one at some point or another. But what can we learn about them from inside one of the most unique environments you’re likely to find - a prison?In this opening episode we speak to a range of prison staff from across England and Wales, from governors to officers, who share with us a whole range of lessons that prison has taught them. Whether that’s how to help give someone a second chance in life, or how to use a new role as a life-changing opportunity for yourself.Find and apply for jobs in the Prison Service:
  • What Is 'A Prison's Guide To'?

    Welcome to 'A Prison's Guide To'Narrated by Ben Bailey Smith, ‘A Prison’s Guide To’ is the podcast from prison staff across England and Wales. Created by Acast Creative, alongside HM Prison and Probation Service. Each week, we bring you a guide to a new topic, straight from the prison system, providing you with life lessons from some of the most overlooked sources of inspiration you’re likely to meet - the people that work across our prison service. Find and apply for jobs in the Prison Service: