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    OFFICIAL SOFT LAUNCH - trailer #1 | A FISTFUL OF SCRIPTS v2.audioA new creative industries PODCAST produced by Wise Words Media and its innovative script development incubator A FISTFUL OF SCRIPTS.SUBSCRIBE: SOON | [season 1] episode 1 - ‘HARVEST’cast: JOHN FLAUS returns as ‘OLD MAN HARVEST’ ABOUT | Nobody remembers what it was like to Dream  No one knows the first thing about Harvesting, let alone Dreaming. Old Man Harvest is the only one left. A fantasy story about Old Man Harvest. Part-Santa, part-Tooth Fairy, Old Man Harvest gathers our dreams to store them for us until we are ready to live them out. Nobody dreams anymore. Old Man Harvest is dying. Production date: Fri 16th September 2016Written and directed by Sean McIntyre---****** #podcast #creative #writers #johnflaus #actors #producers #scriptwriting #film #theatre

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  • KIDS (or games before hometime) | trailer 1 | "What's that...!?!"

    seven children. one middle-class playground | contribute. enrich. integrate | or elseDAVY CAN'T BELIEVE AHMED'S LUNCH!Told through the eyes of seven children drawn from diverse local & ethnic multicultural backgrounds, ‘KIDS’ delves into pressing issues facing Australian society.--NEON Readings | NEON Festival of Independent Theatre | MTC Connect 7pm, Monday 13 July 2015SOLD OUT Southbank Theatre, The Lawler Melbourne Theatre Companycast: Tegan Jones (REBECCA – 8 years old), Elliot Cyngler (JULIEN – 13 years old), Cait Spiker (SUSIE – 8 years old), Stacey Andonopoulos (CLAUDIA – 8 years old), Amy Coutts (NARRATOR), James Ao (AHMED – 8 years old), Reece Manning (ANDREW – 8 years old), Simon Joseph Doyle (DAVY – 8 years old)CREW: Marco Romero (Director/Producer), Sean McIntyre (Writer/Producer)about | KIDS (or games before hometime)‘KIDS’ by Sean McIntyre Directed by Marco Romero | Presented by Jimmy Flinders Productions – (established Nov 2011) – Marco Romero Rodriguez co-founder / director / producer, Sean McIntyre co-founder / writer / producerabout | A Fistful of Scripts v2.audioexclusive interviews! | cast, writer and producer – every episodePROJECT FIVE | KIDS (or games before hometime)Written, produced, directed by: Sean McIntyreProduction date: Wed 24th August 2016REALM Creative Content Studio (Eastland, Ringwood)---202? – COMING SOON ! No episodes yet! Check back soon.202? – radio play – live event (complete with SFX!)audio trailersKIDS, HARVEST, HOW TO KILL YOUR FAVOURITE CHARACTER, REUNION.RED.CIRCLE.THREE, ADDICT