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  • 1. How am I getting started from scratch: Mission Restart!

    In this Episode I dive deep into the ways in which we can leverage a skill, what really holds us back, and the action steps we all want to take, but why we fail to! I go deep, on how to make the most of this experience, how I plan to share my learnings consistently, one step at a time. Join the VIP WhatsApp Group: Stay updated on our weekly workshops every Sunday at 11 am IST. Join the VIP Facebook Group: Connect with like-minded individuals and expand your network. Sign Up for the "Make Speaking a Career Live Cohort": Limited to 15 seats per batch – don’t miss out! Connect with Me Personally: Schedule a one-to-one call to discuss your journey and aspirations. If you want to Hire Me as a Speaker, please fill up this form

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  • 1. The power of consistency

    I left work, joined a new work! Decided to start with something special and unique. It includes setting up life heads up. UXrnZVARzxlY5wqy0Vek
  • 11. Diwali is a Curse, here is why!

    After 5 days of procrastinating, finally out with actionable! I go deep into why we do what we do here! Celebrating a painful diwali!
  • 9. The strategies of Starting Up!

    Had no clue what to speak about! So focused on the importance of starting afresh! Inspite of fever, showing up! Giving my heart and soul!
  • 8. How to use the Feedback in your Career?

    In our office meetings, we often get into a very weird setup where we tend to defend the mistakes we make. Surprisingly it is from the mistakes that we learn the most. So here are 5 steps that I follow every single time I get feedback! Let me know your views in the comments
  • 7. 5 steps to heal from a Career Setback?

    I went through a low today! Down and out emotionally, cried a lot! Thia episode is all about how to get out from it! Taking it one step at a time! Showing up!
  • 6. How to go ahead when you feel like NOTHING?

    Weekends are for the weak! The way the world is designed, we recharge on the weekend! So I wanted to open up on the struggles of this!