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  • Lisa Conway, Interface, reflecting on Mission Zero and exploring Climate Take Back

    In this week's podcast episode, I speak to Lisa Conway, VP Global Market Sustainability and 'Carbon Lover' about their iconic Mission Zero Sustainability Programme which finished in 2020 and its successor, Climate Take Back. I had the pleasure of working with Interface about 8 years ago, and I've never come across a business so committed to Sustainability or so prepared to change everything to get there – with some glee. I'm not exaggerating, they do things that most organisations would never conceive of, never mind consider. Can you tell I'm a fan?Here's what we discuss:• Lisa's own 'spear in the chest' moment• The legacy of Mission Zero and how a zero target can stimulate radical action• Climate Take Back, regenerative business and why we should learn to love carbon• The Factory as a Forest concept and how it works in practice• The importance of innovation and how features can cascade from premium products to the mainstream• The importance of having funHere's the Factory as a Forest case study that Lisa refers to in the pod.The Net Zero Business Podcast is brought to you by Terra Infirma Ltd - Bringing Sustainability to Life

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  • Adam Woodhall of the General Counsel Sustainability Forum on the law, engagement and the perils of comedy

    In this week's episode of the Net Zero Business Podcast, I have an entertaining and wide changing chat with Adam Woodhall of the General Counsel Sustainability Forum, although we spend a lot more time on engagement and influence than legal issues. Here's what we cover:Why General Counsels matter to Net ZeroHow greenwash is becoming a legal issueWhy the Montreal Protocol worked (and why that reason depressed Adam)Why engagement should be focussed on people with agencyThe importance of action above all else (action generates action)The perils of using comedy for Sustainability engagementAs promised in the pod, Adam's comedy can be seen here.The Net Zero Business Podcast is brought to you by Terra Infirma – Bringing Sustainability to Life
  • How do I stop our PR department greenwashing?

    This month's episode is another Q&A episode where I discuss greenwash, including:The subjectivity intrinsic to greenwashWhy it is all about contextWhy some people just can't help itThe moral obligation to stand up to greenwashThe need for educationTurning your problem into actionThese Q&A episodes are very popular, but I do need a steady stream of Qs so I can pick out those with widest appeal. So get on to the contact page on the Terra Infirma website and submit your dilemmas!
  • Amir Sokolowski, Global Director Climate Change, CDP on disclosures, just transition to Net Zero and grounds for optimism

    A very thoughtful, philosophical conversation with Amir Sokolowski, Global Director Climate Change, CDP (formerly the Carbon Disclosure Programme). Amir and I discuss:Amir's background in campaigning for human rights around the worldCarbon leakage and policies such as CBAMThe need for a just transition when decarbonising global supply chainsData quality and the importance of contextIs 'reporting burden' a myth or reality?Grounds for optimism and techno-optimism vs changing valuesAs always, these interviews are brought to you by Terra Infirma Ltd. Please feel free to like, share and subscribe – a few clicks can spread the message further!
  • Heather Buchanan, Bankers for Net Zero on fiduciary duty, retrofitting buildings and agriculture

    On this week's episode, I talk to Heather Buchanan, founder and CEO of Bankers for Net Zero which does... well an awful lot more than I thought. A big part of a bank's carbon footprint lies in the mortgage properties on its books so we talk a lot about retrofitting. We also cover COP26 - COP 28, fiduciary duty, how to engage bankers in Sustainability (risk vs opportunity), agriculture, and why there is enough money to do Net Zero.As always the Net Zero Business Podcast is brought to you by Terra Infirma Ltd - bringing Sustainability to Life. If you sign up to our mailing list, we'll let you know every time a podcast episode is released.
  • Shaun McCarthy OBE on Supply Chain Sustainability, ISO20400 and the London Olympics

    On this week's episode, I speak to Shaun McCarthy of Action Sustainability, the Supply Chain Sustainability School and the Chair of the Commission for a Sustainable London 2012 Olympics. Here's what we cover:Shaun's entry into social and environmental Sustainability in procurement at the British Airports AuthorityReflections on Sustainability at the London 2012 Olympics – what worked and what didn'tHow close the BBC's '2012' satire was to reality – you might be surprised!The ISO20400 standardA range of supply chain Sustainability issues across a number of sectorsThe importance of leadershipHow to promote Sustainability in your organisationThe Net Zero Business Podcast is brought to you by Terra Infirma Ltd – Brining Sustainability to Life
  • Net Zero by 2030, 2040 or 2050 - which to choose?

    This is the second Q&A episode of the podcast and the question comes from 'Jane' who is involved in a debate at work over Net Zero targets. Here's what I cover in my response:What Net Zero really meansThe problems with going for too near a dateThe problems with going too farThe influence of assets, leadership and culture on the target dateWhen to use SBTs to underpin Net ZeroThe dangers of incrementalising stretch targetsI will be weaving more Q&A episodes in alongside the interview episodes, but I need your questions and dilemmas! They can be about any Net Zero/Climate/Sustainability-related subject, but within an organisational context. Like 'Jane', you can choose anonymity if you prefer. Click here to send them in.The Net Zero Business Podcast is brought to you by Terra Infirma Ltd – bringing Sustainability to Life