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  • 9. Nasal breathing for running

    An overview of nasal breathing, and why it's essential for you with your run training. The focus here is on keeping you in the right training zone so that you can get the most out of your training. Message me on Instagram @maxroger7 or email if you want to get into this topic in more detail.

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  • 8. No bro splits

    A look at a couple of reasons why bodybuilding and bro splits are not suitable for training kids in the gym, and why full-body training, 3 days a week, is more beneficial. Message me on Instagram @maxroger7 or email if you want to get into this topic in more detail.
  • 7. Warm-ups: Get your chilli hot

    A look at warm-ups: why they are so important, and how to maximise them for different benefits - whether it's a gym session, a PE lesson, or gameday. For more info. DM me on Insta @maxroger7, or email me at
  • 6. Primal Movements

    A look at what the Primal Movements are (phrase from Power Athlete), why they are important, and how to get them into the training week of the children that you teach/coach, and your own training week. DM me on Insta @maxroger7 if you want more details on how you can do this.
  • 5. The number 1 healthy habit

    A quick look at what the number one healthy habit is and why this is important now that the days are getting colder and darker. Let me know what you think, and if you have any questions about instilling habits on Insta @maxroger7
  • 4. Appropriate challenge

    A quick look at ideas to make sure more pupils are appropriately challenged in lessons, and a more specific look at this with the traditional 'school run'. Any ideas yourself? Message me on Insta @maxroger7
  • 3. The PE environment

    A look at the importance of the environment around PE lessons, including the changing room - as it's the first and last thing that pupils will experience in their lesson. If you have any ideas for this then message me on Insta @maxroger7