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Ed Byrne Needs A Hobby

Ed Byrne Needs A Hobby - Series 1 Trailer


Ed Byrne Needs A Hobby

As Ed's kids get older and the march of time pushes him ever closer to the inevitability of retirement, he's decided he's in the market for a new hobby. But he needs guidance. So in each episode, Ed meets up with one of his celebrity chums to try out their favourite past time, and then interrogate them about it, to see if it's for him. And just to make sure he's fully divorced himself from the decision-making process, he'll start and end each episode by chatting to his wife, Claire, to see if that week's hobby is a good fit.

Guests across the series include Lucy Porter, the Reverend Kate Bottley, Angela Barnes, Owain Wyn Evans, Shaparak Khorsandi, John Robins and Adam Hills.

Join Ed in this stupid experiment. You’ll hear him having the time of his life - or being mildly tortured - alongside some of your favourite people talking about the things that make their hearts sing.

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