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Navigating the Zero Click World with Tahnee Perry

Season 1, Ep. 11

🎙️ Welcome to Episode #11 of MACMA's “Audience Architect”!

In this episode, host Mike Bennett sits down with Tahnee Perry, a seasoned marketing and brand strategist with over 20 years of experience across SaaS, retail, research, and travel industries. Tahnee is the visionary behind 'Zero to Unicorn,' the #1 AI and marketing newsletter, known for her innovative strategies and exceptional team-building skills.

We explore the concept of 'Zero Click Search'—where users get their answers directly from the search results page without clicking through to a website. Tahnee breaks down the different forms zero click search can take, such as featured snippets, knowledge panels, rich answers, and carousels, and explains why this trend is significant for publishers and content marketers.

Learn about the potential impacts of zero click search, including loss of traffic and revenue, and discover strategies to optimize your content to drive traffic despite this trend. Tahnee shares tips on focusing on long-tail keywords, improving page experience, leveraging multimedia, and the ongoing importance of EEAT—Expertise, Experience, Authority, and Trustworthiness. Plus, we discuss alternative methods to mitigate the effects of zero click search.

Join us for an engaging discussion packed with valuable insights and practical tips for navigating the ever-evolving media and publishing landscape.


  • Tahnee Perry, Marketing and Brand Strategist, Creator of 'Zero to Unicorn'


  • Mike Bennett

Tune in for expert insights and stay ahead in the ever-evolving media landscape!

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  • 10. Transforming Behavioral Insights into Action: Strategies to Elevate Audience Engagement & Ad Performance

    Welcome to another episode of "Audience Architect," where we drill into the strategies shaping the future of audience engagement. In this special live recording from MACMA's Industry Day on April 4th, we are thrilled to host Dr. Joetta Gobell, Senior Vice President of Research & Insights at Dotdash Meredith. With an impressive background that spans roles from A+E Networks to Nissan North America, Joetta is a master at leveraging data to enhance audience understanding and engagement across various platforms.In episode #10, Joetta shared her extensive experience in integrating first-party data into advertising partnerships and primary research initiatives, providing insights that drive product, editorial, and brand strategies at Dotdash Meredith. We'll explore how her team is navigating the challenges posed by the end of third-party cookies, the dynamics of new partnerships like those with Amazon in the exciting d/Cipher ad-enabling product, and the role of data in connecting content to the 'moment of need' for users.This episode is packed with discussions on the transformation of media insights in the digital age, the critical role of data in shaping business strategies, and the innovative ways Dotdash Meredith is setting industry standards. Whether you're a data scientist, audience marketing professional, or just passionate about the future of digital media, this conversation with Joetta Gobell will provide valuable insights into the art and science of audience engagement. Join us to discover how data isn't just about numbers—it's about building communities, enhancing value, and fighting attrition in today's fast-paced world.
  • 9. Scaling Engaged Niche Communities & The Art of Experimentation in News Organizations

    In this must-listen episode, Ryan Y. Kellett, Axios Media’s Vice President of Audience, joins guest host Carla Zanoni, former Wall Street Journal masthead audience editor and TED’s head of audience, to uncover Axios’ strategic approach to deep audience engagement and expansion. Ryan shares his expertise on Axios’ distinctive audience-first content and product strategies as well aa innovative collaborations with influencers, which he pioneered for Axios Local, demonstrating the powerful effect of targeting niche markets. The pair also discuss the pressing issues facing digital journalism today and Ryan’s vision on how individuals and news organizations can come together to address the issues challenging the industry today by leveraging collective knowledge and resources through transparency. Tune in to learn how to captivate and grow your audience in the dynamic world of media, where precision, consistency, and innovation are key.Hear Ryan's unique approach to fostering collaboration within newsrooms on a near-daily basis. Listeners will be treated to an insider's perspective on the fresh fundamentals of newsletter performance, the pivotal role of evolving social media platforms, including the significance of Reddit in the current media ecosystem. Ryan candidly discusses the importance of experimentation in audience development, sharing his journey through the evolution of his role and the lessons learned along the way-and highlighting innovations like Smart Brevity at Axios.Adding a personal touch to the episode, Ryan recounts his quest for the best breakfast sandwich in Washington DC, revealing the unexpected reactions it sparked. "Audience Architect - Episode 9" is a treasure trove of stories, strategies, and secrets that anyone interested in media, audience engagement, and the future of news will find invaluable. Join Carla and Ryan for an enlightening session that promises to inspire, educate, and entertain.
  • 8. Unveiling the Future of Audience-Driven Product Innovation with Ronda Hughes

    Welcome to Episode #8 of the Audience Architect podcast with your host, Bill Levine. In this engaging session, we're joined by Ronda Hughes from IronMarkets, a beacon in the realms of digital media, event marketing, and audience development. With a rich background that spans across 3 decades and pivotal roles at IronMarkets, Advanstar and EnsembleIQ, Ronda brings her tremendous expertise in leveraging data insights for audience segmentation and engagement. Her innovative approach has significantly contributed to new revenue channels and improved engagement methods, focusing on behavioral data to drive business growth.Today, Ronda dives into the evolving role of Audience Development professionals in the ideation, development, launch, and success of new products. From breaking down silos in the ideas room to leveraging audience data in shaping product strategies, she shares invaluable insights on the intersection of audience engagement and successful product development. Join us as Ronda discusses the unique value of audience development in productization, data-driven strategies, collaboration across teams, and the future vision for audience-driven products in advertising and sponsorship solutions. This episode is a must-listen for anyone looking to understand the critical role of audience engagement in the lifecycle of product development.Ronda Hughes: (24) Ronda Hughes | LinkedInIronMarkets Publisher: IRONMARKETS - B2B Media & Business Engagement Platform
  • 7. The Reinvention of Magazines in a Digital World: A Conversation with Peter Houston

    Welcome to Episode #7 of the Audience Architect podcast, the first of 2024, with your host, Bill Levine. In today's episode, we're thrilled to host Peter Houston, a veteran media expert, publisher, and co-founder of The Grub Street Journal. Peter brings a decade of experience from Flipping Pages Media Ltd and insights from co-hosting Media Voices, a podcast examining the media world's trends. We run to ground the counterintuitive revival of print magazine media, discussing The Grub Street Journal's journey, its advocacy for slow journalism, and the future of print in an increasingly digital age. Join us as we explore how magazines may find their unique place in the luxury and nostalgia strata of media brands (clue: reinvention is a must). Peter also shares personal stories from The Grub Street Journal, business model experimentation, the budding magazine scene in the UK, advice for aspiring writers, and his broader thoughts on audience engagement, podcasting, and his take on AI and trending topics in the publishing industry. Tune in for this fun, inspiring and thought provoking conversation with Peter.Contact Peter: in the Podcast: The Paper - pub for gen z and millenials about life in Wales - Tonic Magazine - self described as a heady cocktail of drink, travel, and adventure - Future of Print report - you may be shocked how high a percentage of revenue print still constitutes - Magazine - about what else, tennis! - Delayed Gratification - a media brand that reinvented their magazine (as a quarterly) -
  • 6. Inside the Evolution: Live Insights with James Hewes on Media’s Future at MACMA’s Holiday Extravaganza

    In this captivating episode of Audience Architect, recorded live at the MACMA Holiday Extravaganza at the Hearst Tower in New York City on November 30th, we delve into a wide-ranging and insightful conversation with James Hewes, CEO of FIPP – the global media network trade group.Please note that this episode was recorded live at the event, so while the audio quality may be a bit less polished than usual, the richness of the conversation more than makes up for it. We appreciate your understanding and hope you enjoy this insightful episode!Join us as we explore the pivotal themes and insights from the event’s speakers and sessions. The focus of our discussion is on what publishers can do to reconnect with their readers. We dissect the shift from audience-based models to community-centric metrics, uncovering what this paradigm shift means for the future of publishing.James shares his expert perspective on the challenges and opportunities facing media and publishing on a global scale. Our conversation spans a variety of critical topics, including revenue diversification, the nuances of multichannel content distribution, and the intricacies of mining content consumption and intention data. We also touch upon the implications of privacy concerns, the transformative role of artificial intelligence in the industry, and strategies for nurturing young audiences, particularly "Generation A (Alpha)".As James prepares to transition from his role at FIPP to join the Public Relations and Communications Association (PRCA) at the end of January 2024, he leaves us with some valuable resources and recommendations. He suggests "Traffic" by Ben Smith ( for an engaging read and highlights Lucy Kueng’s report "Hearts and Minds: Harnessing Leadership, Culture, and Talent to Really Go Digital" (Read the Report). Additionally, he endorses the Media Voices podcast by Peter Houston (Listen Here) for further industry insights.Don't miss this episode packed with thought-provoking discussions and key takeaways for anyone interested in the evolving landscape of media and publishing. You can reach James at for further insights until his departure from FIPP.
  • 5. Crafting Authentic Engagement: A Deep Dive with Carla Zanoni

    Dive deep into the world of audience engagement with the distinguished Carla Zanoni. From her transformative roles at TED and The Wall Street Journal to the subtle art of audience development, Carla's insights unravel the layers of content strategy in the digital age deploying a blend of human empathy and data insights. As we navigate the intricate digital landscape, we probe into innovative ways to connect content with its audience, the evolving nature of audience personas, the importance of courting youth, and the future of audience engagement strategies. Join us on 'Audience Architect' as we dissect these topics and more with an industry titan.Learn more About Carla/Contact
  • How Intent Data is Shaping Audience Strategies and Transforming Publishing

    We're diving deep into a topic that has taken the publishing world by storm and is on the agenda at every publishing industry conference - Purchasing Intention Data.  Some think of it as the heartbeat of today's data-driven programmatic advertising and lead generation solutions. So, why is there so much buzz around ‘intent’ data? At its essence, intent data unravels the intricate tapestry of audience or user behaviors, their frequency of engagements, preferred channels, and aligns it with demographics. This alignment allows us to predict, with greater accuracy than ever before, an individual's likelihood to purchase specific products or services pitched by advertisers. Many B2B media publishers and events companies are now presenting this innovative tool to their advertisers, and it's rapidly becoming a cornerstone of audience development strategies.This episode's special guest is Len Roberto, a name synonymous with product innovation and forward-thinking strategies in the world of data-driven audience development, Len has been at the forefront of the intent data revolution. With a career spanning nearly 30 years working in companies like Informa, Northstar, George Little Mgmt, Canon, Penton, Wicks Business Information, starting out in B2B old school print circulation in 1995 - Len has not only witnessed but actively shaped the transition towards a more predictive and intelligent way of understanding and monetizing audience behavior.Most recently Len has been employed in the division of Informa Markets known as Qualifi, an intent-data based service. He will go deep on the Qualifi story in this episode. EPISODE RESOURCESContact Len Roberto - Qualifi website - Wave Report - B2B Intent Providers Q2 2023
  • 3. Uncharted Metrics: Embracing the Paradigm Shift to Google Analytics 4

    In this enlightening episode of the Audience Architect podcast, we dive deep into the world of digital metrics, focusing on the monumental transition from Universal Google Analytics to Google Analytics 4 (GA4). Our expert guest, data analyst Caitlin McCluskey-Fitch sheds light on the major paradigm shifts accompanying this change, elucidating the new features and capabilities of GA4, and why it's set to redefine how we understand and interpret online audience behaviors. Whether you're a seasoned analytics pro or just dipping your toes into digital data, this episode offers valuable insights into the future of web analytics.Caitlin McCluskey-Fitch is a seasoned digital analytics professional with a passion for data visualization and storytelling. Throughout her career, she's collaborated with major organizations like Tinuiti, Evolytics, and Cardinal Path, guiding data-driven decisions and spearheading various analytics initiatives. With expertise spanning Google Analytics, Tableau, and Looker Studio, Caitlin has consistently demonstrated her aptitude for transforming data into actionable insights.Connect with her on Twitter at @CaitlinMarieMcc or via email at caitlin.m.mccluskey@gmail.comResources mentioned in this episode: GA4 Training Guide & Support - Krista Seiden GA Training - Episode feedback welcome to me at; Bill LevinePodcast production: Camilo Duque, Victtoria Records -