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Superpower Los Angeles Attorney talks to The Real Credit Queen about Financial Infidelity

Season 4, Ep. 2

This week join Angela as she has a compelling conversation with Robbin Itkin, a Partner at Sklar Kirsh LLP - a business strategist and creative problem solver, financial restructuring specialist in all industries inside and outside of bankruptcy court and a certified mediator. They discuss the importance of understanding and managing one's finances, emphasizing the use of assets, the process of financial restructuring, mediation, and the concept of financial infidelity.

Robbin shares insights on her journey to becoming a lawyer, the significance of credibility, and maintaining relationships in both personal and professional contexts. They also both recognized the importance of open communication with creditors, learning and seeking advice for financial fitness, and ensuring the integrity and precision in legal advice.

The episode ends with Robbin offering a critical credit tip and sharing how listeners can reach her for further guidance. This conversation is educational and will inspire you to be informed, proactive, and responsible in your financial and legal affairs.

Contact Robbin here -

02:11 Introducing Attorney Robbin Itkin

02:27 Demystifying Assets and Financial Restructuring

05:37 The Journey to Becoming a Lawyer

09:07 The Power of Communication in Relationships

15:03 Unpacking Financial Infidelity and Fraud

18:59 The Importance of Financial Planning and Education

25:15 Embracing Financial Independence and Literacy

27:53 The Value of Trust and Verification in Financial Advice

28:45 Personal Financial Management: A Must for Everyone

29:10 Learning from Mistakes: The Importance of Financial Oversight

31:02 Credit Management and the Power of Knowledge

35:03 Mentorship and Continuous Learning in Finance

39:22 Advice for Staying Professionally Engaged

43:33 Becoming Financially Fit: Tips and Strategies

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  • 6. Even the Who's Who in Sports, Entertainment and Music need guidance! With Matthew Hoffman

    On Your Credit Today, The Real Credit Queen Angela Setters Bessard, is interviewing Matthew Hoffman, the founder of Trusted Advisor - the best platform for advisors with high profile entertainment, music and pro sports clients.Trusted advisor is a platform that unites prominent business managers, artist managers, entertainment attorneys, wealth managers, family offices and other trusted professionals through an array of educational initiatives, exclusive meetups, and global summits to support athletes, entertainers executives and other personalities.These clients, and their advisors, have unique needs from a technology, investment, cyber-security and risk perspective.This episode covers- Matthew's entrepreneurial background and lessons from earlier ventures- The importance of financial literacy and investing early- The value of networking events and the success of "Trusted Advisor"- Building a platform to connect professionals in sports, entertainment, and music industries.Matthew's venture expereince and advising A-listers teaches a lot about leadership, bouncing back from failure, and the magic of partnerships.We dicussed the importance of tailored financial education for young high-earning talents (and really, for all of us!) and the need to build a positive networking environment.Don't forget to subscribe and share this information. Thank you for tuning in!Connect with Matthew here -
  • 5. Cyber Security with Paul Paul Viollis

    This week the Real Credit Queen. Angela Setters Bessard is joined by Paul Viollis - Global Business Leader, Accomplished Author and TV & Radio Personality.For over four decades, Paul Michael Viollis has dedicated his career to the protection of our country, as well as, the shareholder value of the businesses he has navigated to the pinnacle of their respective vertical markets.On his speaking tours, his hands on expertise in subject areas of behavioral analysis, leadership development, corporate espionage, extortion/stalking, cyber security, family protection, and workplace violence allows him to develop unforeseeable insights that will have you at the edge of your seat and captivate your audience.From corporate executives and high profile individuals to private families and sales teams, each attendee will leave with a renewed sense of focus and re-energized with information that can be easily and expeditiously implemented.In this episode we discuss -- Paul's career from the New York County district attorney's office to his current work in intelligence.- Online predators and the importance of protecting you and your loved ones- Safeguarding personal information online- Insights into the deep web and dark web- The STAR method for making informed decisions and concluding advice from PaulThe biggest takeaway in this coversation with Paul is the need for safeguarding our identity online and staying vigilant for scams.Paul's expertise in cybersecurity and behavioural analysis highlights the dangers of online predators and hackers. His insights into the dark web and the potential risks it poses have been eye-opening.For parents and caretakers of children - We've also been reminded of the importance of being cautious and protective of our kids as they are engaged in online activities.Don't forget to subscribe and share this information. Thank you for tuning in!Contact Paul here - pv@viollis.com (212) 315-0088
  • 4. Identity Theft and how it happens PROTECT YOURSELF! Part 1

    In this weeks episode we are discussing a subject that touches millions annually but is rarely discussed with the seriousness it deserves – identity theft.It’s a topic that’s not only prevalent but also evolving, and it impacts personal finance and credit health in disasterous ways.I’m thrilled to have the backbone of our operation at Conquer Credit Management, our Operations and Client Experience Manager, Samantha Headlee, joining us to share her knowledge and insight.We're sharing our firsthand experiences and expert experience so we can equip you to protect your hard-earned credit.00:51 The World of Identity Theft04:51 Monitoring Your Credit09:29 Real-Life Stories of Identity Theft and Lessons Learned16:20 Protecting Yourself: Credit Locks, Freezes, and Fraud Alerts19:46 The Importance of Including Your Phone Number on Fraud Alerts21:01 Why You Should Avoid Making Statements on Your Credit Report22:17 Identifying Red Flags for Possible Fraud25:30 Understanding the Difference Between Soft and Hard Inquiries28:48 Protecting Your Children's Credit from Identity Theft31:19 Immediate Actions to Take When You're a Victim of Identity Theft38:42 The Power of Persistence in Fighting Credit Injustice
  • 3. Business Building Strategies with Corporate Structure Guru AnGèle Cade

    This week on 'Your Credit Today', the Real Credit Queen, Angela Setters Bessard is with guest AnGèle Cade, the CEO of Executive On the Go and a vision architect and business strategist. AnGèle helps passionate entrepreneurs honor their purpose and passion, while increasing their profits and validity all through the power of bulletproof business strategy and structure.Now an entrepreneur for over 20 years, she recalls how going into business for herself was birthed out of failure. Her former employer ghosted his business and put everything she had worked for at risk. Her previous contacts started to reach out to her for support - she didn't realize that the culmination of experience and wisdom had gotten her to a place where the clients still wanted her to serve them.This episode covers-- The importance of separating personal and business finances to protect assets- Understanding the distinctions between being an entrepreneur and an intrapreneur- The impact of financial decisions on company valuation and retirement plans- The significance of humility, teachability, and willingness to do the work for true business success- The need for personalized financial and business structures and the importance of bringing in experts when dealing with complex financial structures and creditPersonal and business financial integrity are essential for safeguarding our legacies, and that proper planning and preparation are vital in navigating the complexities of entrepreneurship.Success is not just about the end result, but also about the character, resilience, and ability to adapt and learn from failures along the way. As we've learned, personalized financial structures and the guidance of experts can make all the difference.Let's take their wisdom to heart as we continue on our own journeys toward financial stability and business success. Thank you for joining us.Be sure to like and subscribe for more empowering conversations with insightful industry leaders. And remember, our financial future is in our hands.Connect with AnGèle here -
  • 1. Becoming an Authorized User

    Becoming an authorized user or actually allowing someone to be an authorized user on your credit card can really help in a pinch. Listen and learn the quick tips that you need to know so that you can make the right decision to either add someone to your credit card or be added to someone's card. You need to know the facts so that you do not make a big credit score mistake!
  • 87. To Debt Or Not

    In this episode The Real Credit Queen, Anglea talks about unleashing habits that will help you be a better person overall as it pertains to your money and how that flows in your life. As we go into the holidays, it's really important to have a plan so that we don't get in debt. Too many times people that don't plan for the holidays get in super.debt and it's all because they wanna have these lavish gifts that they're giving to their kids or they're giving to their family, and although I completely understand, giving is from the heart and sometimes people get super excited about giving and I think it's a beautiful thing. We have to be very careful that we are not getting into debt, wanting to please.What You Will Hear:Turning up the frequency of love and gratitudeHoliday spending and debtPlanning and budgetingPreparing ahead of time and advice on how to preparePlanning to savePlanning for the futureMental healthEmergency fundsQuotes:“You're never too wealthy to use coupons.”“When you get in the habit of making plans for things, then you're going to feel so much more peace and at rest.”“You should have so much money put aside for your reoccurring expenditures, your mortgage, your rent your car payment, your insurance, whatever it is that you have that are fixed expenses, you should have at least six months to a year ahead of time put away.”“You're never ever too broken to be fixed.”“I care about your future, and more importantly, I care that you understand how to use your money and your credit as a tool to build wealth. Mentioned:AngelaBessard.comAngelas@conquercredit.comI AM Music Group
  • 86. Fighting For the Little Guy with Jacob Hippensteel

    Angela sits down with Jacob Hipensteel to discuss the credit system, errors in reporting and how to resolve issues. Jacob is a consumer attorney licensed in Arizona. He's a partner and the director of litigation at McCarthy Law PC a national law firm that focuses on fighting.For the little guy, McCarthy Law fights for justice by suing banks, debt creditors, and collectors and credit reporting agencies for violations of consumer protection laws.What You Will Hear:What inspired Jacob to be a lawyerWhat a consumer attorney doesCommon credit report errors and resolution issuesCustomer service.  Credit report agencies customer vs consumerIdentity theftWhat attracted Jacob to consumer lawEarly financial literacy.  The envelope systemBest advice ever received.  Growth mindsetBecoming more financially fit.  Understanding budgeting and credit as toolsShocking and concerning facts about credit disputes and scoresAdvice for our youthQuotes:‘The whole system is set up in a way that they're not able to review the disputes, correct the errors and do what's right by the consumer.” “As unfortunate as it is, there I think everybody understands that we live in a pretty litigious society. I mean, everybody's gonna sue everybody for anything all the time…..but at the same time, there's not a lot that gets a big bank's attention outside of a lawsuit sometimes.”“it's supposed to be hard when you're learning new things. When you're trying to grow it's supposed to be hard. That's the point. That's you growing.”“You can't do that. You can't use credit as a tool if you don't understand how it works.”“If you're looking at something and you don't like the way it works or you don't like the system that's in place you don't like how things are functioning, you can do something about it. There's ways to change these things.”“It's important to make sure that the advice you're getting is real advice and that  you're not just going in circles because it's hard enough to get things fixed when you're doing it the right way.Mentioned:McCarthy LawAngelaBessard.comAngelas@conquercredit.comI AM Music Group
  • 85. The Power of Credit with founder Tisha Janigian

    Special guest Tisha Janigian is a single mother of two teenage boys and the president and founder of nonprofit She is Hope LA. The mission is to educate and empower single mothers starting over in the workplace and to provide affordable transitional housing and childcare. The She Is Hope Realty Boutique just opened at the end of October in Encino and all proceeds go back to the nonprofit. Go to Tisha and her team because it goes for a fantastic cause.Notes:Single mothers a hand up instead of a handoutsheishopela.orgdetermined to make a difference and fix the welfare systemMy father told me to get into real estate to take my life to the next level.Quotes:"When my ex and I split I had no credit, no money, and no assets to my name so it was really hard to start over""I realized our system is broken and there is a gap over poverty""I finally got a break with a job for a few hours a week, just over minimum wage, and because of that my food stamp benefits went down to almost nothing.""We educate our moms with experts on things like financial and legal advice, job training and preparation, mind-body wellness, and peer support."